Meet our new app for adding a song to a video

You might be already familiar with our tool, which helps to add music to a video online. But what if you are in the middle of nowhere and your Internet connection is unstable and feeble? If you are a lucky iPhone owner — avail of our app to add a song to video.

It is quite intuitive and user-friendly. But if you want to get a detailed manual, follow the described steps:

  1. Select a video

    Install the Clideo’s add song to video app from the App Store and tap the “Plus” sign to create your first video. The app will show you all the available recordings in your camera roll and you may either select one of them, or hit the camera sign at the top right corner of the screen to record a new film right away.

  2. Add the music

    You can add any song to a video in the app in several ways:

    • Have a look at available tracks in your Library. Get avail of the “Search” field in order not to scroll the whole list all the way down. Just click on the song you like to check, if it fits the video, and if so, hit the “Plus” sign to add it.

      Library is integrated with iTunes, so even if you don’t have the song you need, you still can buy and download it. Of course, this option is not available in an offline mode.

    • Hit the “Import from Files” button at the bottom left corner of the screen and pick up one of previously downloaded and saved tracks.
    • Record an audio “right here, right now” by tapping on the Mike icon. The recording process is exactly the same as always: hit the red circle when you want to start, and the second time — to finish. The blue checkmark saves the results, “replay” sign resets the recording and you can start over.
    • Last icon in the bottom row is the “Extract from video” option, which allows you to get a soundtrack from another clip.
  3. Adjust audio and video

    Now when you have an almost-ready clip, it’s time to polish it.

    Adjust an audio file to the footage by dragging and expanding it along the timeline. If the soundtrack is shorter than the clip, you may just hit the infinity sign to loop it.

    You can always replace the existing song with another one or trim it by tapping at the corresponding sign below the player. The last icon allows you to adjust volume and add “Fade in” and “Fade out” effects.

    When you are done with the audial part, you can do all the same with the visual: trim it, change the duration, make it quieter or louder.

    Don’t forget to give your project a final run before saving to get sure you get what you want.

  4. Save the video with music

    When everything is just perfect, hit the little upwards arrow in the top right corner, and right away — the “Save” pane below the player.

    Pay attention — the clip will get a discreet watermark as a humble tribute to our service. If you want to remove it — choose the “Save without watermark” option and follow the instructions you’ll see.

    If you’ve worked with large files and their processing takes time, make sure the screen stays active and the app is on, as if you lock your phone or run other programs, the process will be interrupted.

    As soon as the newly-voiced clip is ready, it is saved to your gallery and you are able to share it on social media right from the app.

We are regularly improving our tools to add new features or enhance your experience. Check our Help Center for the most recent instructions.