Online GIF Editor

Create your own GIF and edit it in any way on both your phone and computer

Online GIF Editing

No need to download any additional software. Just open your favorite browser and create an animated GIF from scratch or edit the existing one.

Multiple Options

Change your GIF as you like: trim or split it into parts, overlay stickers or text, resize for various screens or needs.

Completely Secure

We ensure that your files are protected at all times using the highest level of online security. Only you can access your data.

Easy-to-use GIF Editor

It is very easy to edit an animated GIF as the tool is user-friendly and requires no video editing experience whatsoever.

Works on Any Device

Create and edit GIF memes right in your browser on your Mac or Windows computer, iOS or Android phone.

Create GIFs from Scratch

Upload any type of video or images, combine them as you like with text and stickers to create your own animated GIF.

Create and edit GIFs online

With the popularity of GIFs as a quick and engaging means of communication on the Internet, the practice of editing them continues to grow. There are different reasons to edit animated GIFs: cutting out excess frames, cropping unnecessary areas on the sides, resizing or recoloring, etc.

The other popular way of editing GIFs is to add text, reactions, or additional animations on top of them. These edited GIFs often go viral, gaining widespread attention and contributing to Internet humor and meme culture.

Edit or create a new GIF from scratch from any videos or images with one tool. Trim, change size, speed up or slow them down, and adjust the colors of your animated GIFs in one screen. Overlay captions on top of your animated GIF — add as much text as you need, place it anywhere, and customize the way it looks. Select the best font and change its size, weight, and color.

Use our editor as your one-stop GIF combiner. Merge multiple GIFs together into one file or add stickers and any other videos or images of your own or from in-built libraries as an overlay.

How to edit a GIF file online

Need help?
Upload a GIF
Click "Get started", then add the GIF you want to edit. You can select it from your device or one of the available cloud storage accounts.
Edit the GIF
Drag the file to the timeline if it hasn't appeared there immediately after uploading. Click it to start editing: you can crop, trim, and adjust other visual settings, as well as change the GIF's speed. If you want to add some text, click any preset from the "Text" tab.
Save the GIF
Click "Export" at the top right and choose the "GIF" option. After the file is processed, you can see the final result. If the GIF looks like you want, click "Download" to save it back to your device or cloud storage.
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