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How to loop a video

Select repetitions up to 7x looping

The Exciting Loop Video App

Have a video that you can’t get enough of? Now you can create a repeat video, so that you can have a looped file that plays it up to 7x.

We’ve made it easier, faster and more secure than ever to loop your videos, so you can quickly edit and download any format right from the user-friendly interface.

App Speed

We make it shorter to make your video longer! This expertly-designed app lets you upload, edit and download in seconds.

User-Friendly Dashboard

With a one-touch dashboard, you can simply drag+drop your video clip and then loop it within two screens.

Work In Your Browser

No need to download. Our app lets you create video loops without having to download or install any software.

Use Any Format

“Loop video” supports a variety of video formats including MP4, AVI, MPG, VOB, WMV, MOV and more.

Mobile Video Looping

The looping tool provides mobile access for iOS, Android and other mobile operating systems for smartphones and tablets.

Additional Editing Options

When you register for the app, you can access tools that reverse, mute, change speeds, merge, and stop motion.