YouTube Video Repeater

Repeat, loop or create a GIF out of your YouTube video

Loop a video with the repeater for YouTube

Looking for a way to loop a video for your YouTube playlist? Look no further. Our tool can do it in a flash — allowing you to create exciting repeated videos or infinite GIFs, all for free.

Working from any browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, or Edge, and on any device, be it Mac, Windows computer, iOS or Android, Clideo’s YouTube repeater does its thing completely online, meaning it’s faster and safer as there’s no need to download any external apps.

How to repeat a video for YouTube

  1. Upload your video

    To add a clip directly from your device click the "Choose file" button.

    Upload a video to the YouTube Repeater

    Alternatively, tap the down-arrow on the ‘Choose file’ button. Here you’ll also find the option to upload a clip via cloud storage accounts Google Drive or Dropbox, if you prefer.

  2. Loop or repeat the clip

    Once uploaded, select how many repetitions you’d like your video to make: from 2x up to 6x.

    Select the number of repetitions in YouTube Video Repeater

    Or hit the infinite option If you’d like to create a soundless infinite GIF.

    Select the infinite GIF option in the YouTube Repeater

    The Music Repeater for YouTube also allows you to select a new output format. If you’re working from a mobile phone such as iPhone or Android, we recommend MP4.

    Convert the video in the YouTube Video Repeater

    Next, hit ‘Loop’. You’ll see some holding text while your loop video is being processed.

  3. Preview and download

    All done? Give your looped video a preview. If you need to make some changes, tap the ‘Back to edit’ button without needing to start over.

    Download the clip from the YouTube Repeater

    Save the clip back to your device or cloud storage account via the big green ‘Download’ button. Like before, you can keep it in the cloud and save it to your Dropbox or Google Drive accounts.

    And that’s it - you’re all done!