YouTube Looper

Loop video for YouTube or create an infinite GIF

Multipurpose Video Looper for YouTube

Such a pity you can’t loop the best moments of your life and go through them again and again! Luckily, you can record them and put on repeat with our YouTube Video Looper.

When you come across a great song that makes you put aside the regular playlist and click “repeat” non-stop, our tool comes just in handy!

With the Infinite Looper for YouTube you can not only repeat your video but also turn into an endless GIF.

It’s modern, safe and free, works online and doesn’t occupy the phone's memory. It’s compatible with all the operating systems and works equally efficiently with any web browser.

How to loop a video for YouTube in a few clicks

  1. Upload a clip

    Select a video you want to repeat from your personal device by clicking the button “Choose file”.

    Alternatively, call a drop-down menu to the right side of the blue button and import your video from Google Drive or Dropbox.

    Upload a video to the YouTube Video Looper by Clideo

    HINT! If you want to loop some part of a full movie, you can cut it out with our Video Cutter first.

  2. Loop a clip

    Our Infinite Looper for YouTube allows choosing the number of repetitions — from 2 to 6.

    Choose the number of repetitions in the YouTube Video Looper

    To turn your clip into a GIF hit the infinity sign — GIFs are soundless by default.

    Create an infinite GIF in the YouTube Video Looper

    If you don't want to keep initial music, go to our Video Muter after looping and remove it with one click.

    Choose an output file format – if you’re planning on sharing it on YouTube again, we’d recommend MP4 or MOV.

    Change the video format in YouTube Video Looper

    When you’re ready, click “Loop”.

  3. Save the clip

    Take a quick look to get sure that everything goes smoothly, and your new clip is impeccable. If you feel that changes are needed, click “Back to edit”. If you’re happy with the result, save it to your personal device or cloud storage.

    Download the video from the YouTube Looper