How to make a YouTube video

YouTube has become a turning point in the Internet history. After its appearing almost 15 years ago, everybody got the opportunity to express themselves and rise to fame overnight.

At first, it was all about quantity over quality, but nowadays to stand out of the row of rivals, get successful and monetize your channel you should find your own unique theme and produce impeccable visuals.

Before creating a clip for YouTube, it will do no harm to learn its specs as well:

  • very broad resolution range, minimum – 426 x 240 pixels, maximum – 3840 x 2160 pixels;
  • only two aspect ratios, both horizontal: 16:9 and 4:3;
  • size limit – impressive 128 GB;
  • file formats: all the most popular, including MOV, AVI, MP4;
  • length limit – 12 hours.

So, how to make a good video for YouTube? We have just the perfect tool for that!

  1. Upload files

    Open Online Video Maker by Clideo in any browser. Find a big blue button in the centre and hit it to pick files from your own device – photos, gifs, recordings. Click a small arrow on the right to select files from Google Drive or Dropbox.

    Add files to create a video for YouTube

    With the help of this tool, you can make a YouTube video on your computer, Android, iPhone or even iPad as it works online and doesn’t require any special OS or memory capacity. Also, that’s the fastest way to compile visual imagery without a camera.

  2. Make a video

    When the first portion is done, you may add other files by either clicking “Add more files” on the right, or hitting “Add more videos” below the preview. The tool allows adding 500 MB of files for free!

    If you are making your first YouTube entry, you’d better choose a ready preset on the right to meet all the requirements. There are also configured crop options for Instagram and Facebook.

    Add more files and change their order

    Set the duration of each frame, it may vary from 0.1 to 10 secs. Tick a “crossfade” box to make your slideshow smoother and efface shot changes.

    Set the duration for all images in YouTube video

    Add audio (all the above-mentioned ways of uploading are available). Trim it to put audio over the recording perfectly. Choose the start/end points by moving sidebars.

    Add audio to the created YouTube video

    When your slideshow is ready, select the output format. The default one is the same as it was for the input, but you may change it to any other extension supported by YouTube.

    Change the format of the created YouTube video
  3. Save the result

    Download the created video for YouTube

    Before downloading the clip to your personal device or cloud storage, have a quick preview to get sure that you are not disappointed with the result. If you are – click “Back to edit” arrow and make your video perfect!

We are regularly improving our tools to add new features or enhance your experience. Check our Help Center for the most recent instructions.