How to repeat a video for YouTube

What can be more bothering and pesky than a necessity to click “play” or “repeat” every several minutes? What if you just want to immerse yourself in your daily routine and have a soft and unobtrusive musical background, without getting distracted by tracks you never chose?

Sometimes video editors have to put a video on repeat in order to pick out the tiniest details or check if the visual fits the music. There are so many cases when we deal with looping – and one universal solution.

  1. Upload the content

    Open Online Video Looper by Clideo in any browser on your mobile phone, iPad, PC or Mac. To upload your own recording or choose click the "Choose file" button. Click an arrow on the right side of the big blue button to call a dropdown menu and add any file from two cloud storages: Dropbox or Google Drive.

    Upload a YouTube video you want to loop

    If you want to loop a certain part of the video, cut it first and save the needed section only.

    Clideo isn’t an app, so you don’t have to install it on your personal device, wasting precious memory. It works fast and efficiently as long as you have a stable Internet connection and allows you to upload and edit up to 500MB for free.

  2. Put a video for YouTube on loop

    Choose the number of repetitions on the right side (from 2 to 6). The clip length on the lower bar will change accordingly. Hit the ∞ sign to turn the visual into a GIF (in that case, your clip will be automatically muted).

    Repeat YouTube video the necessary number of times

    Don’t forget to set the output format – or keep the initial one. When all the settings are chosen, click “Loop” and wait for a while.

  3. Save the looped video

    Have a preview to get sure that you are happy with the result.

    Download the looped YouTube video

    If you are not – return to editing and make all the necessary amendments. After that save the clip or GIF to your personal device or cloud storages.