Adjust Video

Edit brightness, contrast, saturation and add vignette, fade to your video

Fast Video Brightener

The tool provides very convenient slider bar that makes it possible to adjust every single option in a few seconds.

Simple Interface

Don't worry, the interface is really intuitive, so you don't need to have any experience in video editing to use it.

Additional Features

Clideo allows you to convert the uploaded file to any format before downloading right in your browser.

Premium Security

We keep your files on our servers only for 24 hours for your convenience and then permanently delete them. No one has access to them except you the whole time.

Compatible with All Formats

You can make your video brighter no matter what file format it has because Clideo works with MP4, WMV, MOV, VOB, AVI and all the other popular formats.

Online Editor

You don't need to download and install the video color changer to your device. It's not only faster but also more secure.

Use the video lighting editor easily

Adjust different video settings as per your requirements

How to brighten a dark video

Step 1

Open a file

Choose a video from your Windows, Mac, iPhone or Android. You can add it from Dropbox or Google Drive instead. It's possible to upload files up to 500 MB for free.

Step 2

Adjust your video

Once your video is uploaded, you can edit brightness, saturation, contrast and other settings with the help of the sliders. When you're done with that, select an output format — MP4 is a great choice for social media. Read the guide on how to adjust a video to learn more.

Step 3

Download the result

Play back your clip online to make sure you like the result, then click the button "Download" or go back to editing. You can also save it back to Google Drive or Dropbox.

Use the brighten video tool not only to lighten up a video but also to change its color, contrast, saturation and add different effects.

With the tool you can convert the edited clip to any necessary format right away.