Video Vignette

Add a vignette to your video online

Why you need to vignette a video

To start with, let’s come up with terms. The definition of video vignettes is dark edges around a frame of a recording or a photo. It beautifies your shooting and attracts the viewers’ attention to the centre of the composition.

To achieve such an effect professional photographers use rare and fragile lenses or costly software. But you are lucky to have our free service!

One of its main advantages – it works online from any browser and is compatible with all the operating systems. The second one – it’s self-explanatory, you’ll cope with it in no time.

Clideo is extremely secure, it erases all the uploaded videos forever in 24 hours.

You can register for free before using the tool. After logging in to your account you’ll have access to your projects for 24 hours or be able to delete them from the server immediately after editing.

How to add a vignette to a video online

  1. Upload a recording

    If you want to use shooting from your personal device, click the button “Choose file”.

    Upload a video to add vignette

    If you want to enhance a video already stored online, call a drop-down menu on the right side of the pane and choose one of two options:

    • Import a file from Google Drive.
    • Import a file from Dropbox.

  2. Add a vignette video effect

    There are six sliders on the right of the player. You’ll need the last one – “Vignette”. Move it to make dark edges broader or narrower.

    Add and adjust video vignette

    You can also adjust 5 other settings:

    • “Brightness” makes shooting more sombre or bright.
    • “Contrast” can make the video look lively or monotonous.
    • “Saturation” is responsible for colours and their intensity.
    • “Hue” changes the colour scheme completely.
    • “Fade” adds some “mist” to the picture, makes it soft and obscure.

    When you are done, choose the output format or save the initial one.

    Change format of the video with vignette

    Press “Adjust” and get ready for the last step.

  3. Download the clip

    Have a final look at your vignette video. If you like what you see, save it to your PC, Mac or smartphone. If you feel the result could be better, click “Back to edit” and try new effects.

    Download video with vignette to device