Video Enhancer

Adjust contrast, brightness, saturation, and other video settings

Why you need an online video enhancer

God bless the inventor of filters and special effects! Without them, the art of recording would fall to professional directors’ lot and we would exchange dull and imperfect visuals.

Nowadays adjusting a clip is not a problem – there are dozens of special apps and software. But downloading them you waste your device’s memory.

That’s when our online and free Video Enhancer comes in handy.

How to enhance a video

  1. Upload a video

    Click the “Choose file” button above and import a file to the Video Enhancer on Android, iPhone, PC or Mac.

    Upload a video to Clideo's Video Enhancer

    Another option – hit a down-facing arrow on the right side and select files from your cloud storage accounts: Google Drive or Dropbox.

  2. Enhance the recording

    Use sliders to adjust different settings.

    Adjust the settings of the video in the enhancer
    • Brightness – to make your video more clear or dim.
    • Contrast – to make it sharp or soft.
    • Saturation – adds or eliminates colour.
    • Hue – changes the colours.
    • Fade – adds an artistic “mist” to the image.
    • Vignette – sets the focus at the central part of the frame.
    Reset settings if needed in the Video Enhancer

    If you don’t like the result click “Reset all” and start over.

    Change video format in the Video Enhancer

    When you are done, choose an output format. The best one, that meets specs of almost all social media, is MP4.

    Tap “Adjust” and let the tool work while you’re taking a well-deserved rest.

  3. Download the enhanced clip

    If you didn’t have a preview earlier, it’s the right time to do it now.

    Download the video from the Video Enhancer

    As long as you’re happy with the result, save it to your cloud storage or personal device. If you still don’t like the new visual, tap “Back to edit” and start from the beginning.