Video Color Correction

Improve saturation, brightness, contrast and other settings

How to color correct video

Do you have a video that seems a little dull? Perhaps the colors don’t pop quite as much as they should, or it seems a little grey? Then you just need to edit the video color. This will help with correcting the saturation and bring your movie back to life.

Clideo’s tool above can do this in no time. And the best thing is that it works completely online, meaning you don’t need to scour the web looking for expensive software or download any potentially dodgy apps.

Oh, and we should probably note that our tool offers free video color correction for files under 500MB.

Color correct video as easy as 1 2 3

  1. Upload your video

    To begin, tap the ‘Choose file’ button at the top of this page to upload the video clip that’s in desperate need of some color correction.

    Upload video for color correction

    Is your file stored in a cloud account? We’ve got you covered. Hit the down-arrow and you’ll be given the option to upload it from Google Drive or Dropbox.

  2. Colour-correct it!

    Once your file has been uploaded to Clideo’s servers, you’ll be taken to the editor tool where you can easily adjust the video color effects.

    Interface of color correction editor

    To improve the intensity of the colour, drag the saturation slider to the right and you’ll instantly see the colours become richer. Alternatively, if you’d like to make it completely black and white, drag the slider all the way to the left.

    Correct colors of video with Clideo

    When you're happy with your colour adjustments, select an output format. If you’re playing the file on a mobile device, we’d recommend the MP4 format.

    Convert video after color correction

    Now, tap the ‘Adjust’ button, and your movie will begin its colour transformation!

  3. Check it over and save

    All that is left to do once processing has finished is check that the video is to your liking. Do this by hitting the play preview button under the video.

    Happy? Tap ‘Download’. The same option will be there to save it back to your Dropbox or Google Drive account if needed.

    Download color-corrected video

    If you’d like to make some changes instead, then select the ‘Back to edit’ link and you’ll be taken right back to the editor tool without needing to start from the beginning.