Guides on video, photo and audio editing

How to Add Black and White Effect to Video
Various color schemes can change your project significantly. Let’s learn how to make your video more "classy" and artistic by making it black and white.
How to make GIFs for Tumblr
Tumblr feeds mainly consist of images and GIFs. Learn how to create memorable GIFs for posting on Tumblr and other social media.
How to Master Video Transitions
Learn about video transitions in video production. Find out what is the best video transition effect and check out the most essential transitioning tips.
What is Color Grading and Do You Need It
The same creative project with slight visual changes can have a different impact on the viewer. Find out how color influences it.
How to Make GIF Collage
GIFs make a fair share of visual content in social media. Gifsets may tell a story no worse than a video but in a shorter time and without audio. Let’s have a look how to create them.
What are Tumblr GIF File Size Specs
Tumblr is a relatively old but not very hyped social medium with a strong focus on visual content, especially GIFs. Let’s get to know how to make your GIFs meet its specifications.
How to Convert Audio Track to Video File
Effortlessly convert your audio into a YouTube video without software installation or specific video editing skills using your browser.
What are High-Resolution Images
Learn about high-resolution images and find the best resolution depending on your specific needs.
How to Change Video to Audio
Our simple guide shows how to convert video to audio easily. No complicated software is needed because you can do it online and for free!
What is Foreshadowing and How to Use It
Learn about foreshadowing, one of the cinematographic techniques that can also be utilized in your vlogs to bring them to the next level.
What are Flashbacks in Movies and Beyond
Discover the meaning of flashbacks in films and learn how to incorporate this engaging technique into your vlogs.
How to Bleep Out Words in a Video
Learn how to easily censor curse words in your videos by adding a bleep sound effect or any other noise using your browser.
What is Composition in Photography and Beyond
Learn how to create great compositions in photography and other visual media by mastering the basic rules and techniques.
How to Add Text to YouTube Video or Shorts
Captions or subtitles make your video more accessible and help you gain views, as sometimes users just can’t turn the sound on.
How to Make a YouTube Short
Most social networks have a short content format, and it is becoming more and more popular. Let’s take a look at how short videos work on YouTube.
What is a GIF and How to Use Them
GIFs have long become a part of the Internet social life. Why not learn more about this image format?
How to Mute Part of a Video
Did you know you can mute your recording just partially and keep other parts voiced? Let’s have a closer look at how to do it without fuss and bother.
What is Mobile Video Advertising
Mobile video ads can benefit companies of all sizes. Learn more about this realm before starting your mobile advertising campaign.
How to Flip and Rotate Videos to Music
Many love the perfect matches. Find out how to easily make a video with flips timed to music!
Tips for Cropping and Resizing Photos
The composition of an image and its size are essential components of its artistic value. Learn about two simple ways to influence these elements.
Add Music to Video on iPhone: 3 Ways
Use your iPhone to add music to video in 3 different ways. Choose the right tool that is perfect right now.
How to Make Slideshow on Windows: 2 Ways
Slideshows never come out of fashion. Find out how to create them with the help of different tools and apps.