Guides on video, photo and audio editing

Voice Cloning: Getting Ready for Deepfake Audio
Just as you can't always trust videos and images online, the same now goes for audio. Learn more about audio deepfakes and their impact on us.
How to Split Video into Equal Parts
If you have a long video that can become the source for several short ones, it is great to have an easy and online tool to split your video into parts.
How to Add Transparent Text to Videos
Create a video with transparent text online. Adjust the background or text opacity and mix colors to create the needed effect for your video title, logo, etc.
Mastering TTS: 8 Tips for Effective Text to Speech
Check out a few tips on creating text-to-speech scripts to improve your videos with TTS voiceover.
How to Make Instructional Videos
Learn how to create an instructional video with screen recordings directly in your browser. Record your screen and yourself, edit the recordings, and add text with TTS voiceovers.
How to Use Text to Speech in a Creative Way
Text-to-speech technology has a wide range of applications. Find out some text-to-speech use cases that you may want to explore.
How to Add Arrows in Videos
Adding animated or static arrow overlays to emphasize key moments in your video is easy. Learn how to incorporate arrows into your video using your web browser.
What is an Explainer Video
Learn more about the creation of explainer videos, their benefits, and why businesses require them.
How to Add Text Bubbles to Videos
Add interactivity and enhance your videos by adding shapes with comments or speech bubbles to them right in your browser.
What is an Informational Video
Informational videos come in various types. Discover the key elements of a successful informational video and learn how to produce one.
How to Clean Up Audio in Video
Learn how to remove background noise from a video, such as wind or fan sounds, with just one click using Clideo's online video editor in your browser.
How to Voice Over a Video
Learn 2 ways to add voiceover to video online. Insert your own voiceover into a video or generate an AI voiceover right in your browser.
Text to Speech: What is TTS and How to Use It
TTS, or text-to-speech, can be a program, application, software, inbuilt feature, or online tool that transfers your written text into a voiceover.
How to Remove Background Noise from Video
Learn how to remove background noise from video with one click right in your browser. Use Clideo's online video editor to reduce background noise to enhance voice clarity.
What is Noise Reduction in Video Editing
Know more about noise reduction, including how it works and why vloggers should use it.
How to Add Shapes Over a Video
Create a video card with colorful shapes in your browser using our simple video editor. Mix video clips with shapes, stickers, emojis, and text.
How to Add Text to Speech to Your Videos
Discover how to easily add text-to-speech to your videos and create AI voiceovers right in your browser.
How to Add Emojis to Videos
Learn how to easily incorporate emojis into your videos, such as placing an emoji over a face or adding animated emojis for a playful touch.
How to Make Video from Images
A festive season is knocking at your door! Want to make a video with all your dreams? Or immortalize your holiday memories in a clip? We are here to help you!
Photo Video Maker for Any Device
To create a video, you don’t necessarily need to shoot it. You can just combine several pictures into one clip and add audio. Good news – we have the right tool for it!
Add Audio to GIF Online
Do you have a great GIF that will be even more perfect with some music? Read a short and explicit article on how to turn your GIF into a clip with a soundtrack.
Make a Video on iPhone
We are not talking about a regular recording – it would be too easy. We mean creating a unique visual by merging several videos, pictures and adding a personalized soundtrack.