Guides on video, photo and audio editing

Add Song to Video App for iPhone
Add your favourite song to an iPhone video using our great free app!
What is a Double Exposure Photo
Learn about a very popular effect in artistic photography that allows you to combine two images and how to use it.
How to Make Video with Photos and Music Online
Create a video out of your favorite photos, videos and music using our online and free tool!
What is Bulb Mode in Photography
Learn about the special setting that helps you create long exposure photos.
How to Make a GIF from a YouTube Video
Creating GIF from any YouTube video is easy when you have the right tool!
What is High-Angle Shot with Examples
High-angle shot is one of the techniques professional filmmakers use to make people feel not only watch.
How to Crop a Video on Windows Online
Leave only the most important things in the video by removing the unnecessary parts of it.
What is Shallow Depth of Field in Photography
Want your photos to look more professional? Learn what shallow Depth of Field is!
How to Flip a YouTube Video
If you need to flip or mirror your video then our efficient online tool can help you do that in a matter of seconds.
How to Create GIF from Video
Create a great unique GIF that only you have with the help of our online tool!
What is Long Exposure in Photography
Learn how to apply the technique that will help you to expand your creativity and take unusual photos.
Add Music to Video App for iPhone
Are you looking for a way to combine a song with a video on iPhone? Get creative with our easy-to-use application!
How to Convert Video to MP3 Online
Sometimes it’s way easier to “withdraw” a song you like from a video clip than look for the needed audio file.
What is Bokeh Photography Effect
Bokeh effect is something that makes your photos look more professional. Learn more!
What Does HDR Mean
Learn what is HDR in photography and when it is better to use it.
How to Make a Photo Slideshow
We'll show you how to make a slideshow with your favorite photos, video and music with our online and free tool!
Twilight Photography Tips
Learn what is Blue Hour and how to shoot better at dusk with our useful tips.
What is Exposure in Photography
To take good pictures consistently and not by chance, it is important to know about exposure.
How to Add Music to a Slideshow Online
Arrange the important events of your life into one fascinating film made of photos, videos and audio.
Tips on Flat Lay Photography
Learn what flat lay photos are, when they are used and how to shoot them the best way.
What is Eye Level Shot with Examples
Filmmakers use various implicit ways to attract our attention. Camera angles or shot levels is just one of them.
How to Add Music to a Video on iPhone
Meet our new great iPhone app for adding audio to video!