Guides on video, photo and audio editing

How to Add Music to Video for YouTube
If you have a clip for YouTube that just doesn’t cut it in the audio department, then read on to find out how you can jazz it up, with little effort.
Slow Down a Video on Android
Slow-motion is an efficient way to make your recording exceptional in a few clicks. Find out how to do it online...
Compress Video for Instagram
Learn how to compress a video for Instagram or other social media automatically and online.
How to Post any Video on Instagram
Do you have a YouTube clip you’d like to edit so it can sit perfectly on Instagram? You’ve come to the right place.
Loop a Video on iPhone
Create a video loop or an infinite GIF with one click on your iPhone. And completely online!
Facebook Video Size Limits
The article will tell you the video specs of all the post and ad types of Facebook and how to make your video fit them.
How to Rotate a YouTube Video
Have you uploaded a video to YouTube the wrong way around? Don’t stress - it’s fixable. Here’s how...
How to Speed Up a Video on iPhone
Speeding up or slowing down a video may be a complicated task — if only you don’t happen to use a comfy and handy editor for it.
How to Apply a Vintage Filter to Video
Our tool has a lot of blissful filters that allow making your video look like an old film in one click.
Convert Your YouTube Video to Ringtone Online
Gone are the days when we had to choose ringtones from a phone collection, now we can find them on the Internet or convert any video into a ringtone.
How to Make a Video Meme for Facebook
Memes are a new form of digital art getting more and more popular. Not everybody can be a poet but with our tool, everyone is able to make a meme.
Instagram Video Sizes and Other Specs
Learn all the Instagram video specs for all types of posts and how to resize your video to fit them.
How to Reverse Video on iPhone
The article will tell you how to reverse a video on iPhone or any other device online.
How to Use Video Caption Maker
Get to know how to caption your video to make it understandable on another language or to make it clear because the sound is poor.
Rotate a Video for Instagram in Seconds
If you don’t want to enjoy a video keeping your head tilted, you have to find a user-friendly tool to rotate it. Luckily, now you have one!
Compress a Video on iPhone Online
All social media and email services have video size restrictions. If you come across this problem, read on to learn how to compress a video on iPhone.
How to Crop a Video on Android Phone
Cropping a video seems to be an easy task, however not every Android phone has such a build-in option. Don't worry, there is a way to do it anyway!
How to Speed Up a Video for Instagram Online
Need to speed up a video for Instagram? Or forgot to hit the timelapse option while recording? Don’t worry, you can add this effect easily. Here’s how...
Create Stop Motion Videos on iPhone
The article will tell you how to create a unique video with a stop motion effect with a few clicks on iPhone or any other device.
How to Make a Video for Instagram
You can easily create an Instagram post or story by making a video out of your best photos, videos and music.
Add Music to a Video on Android Device
One video may serve as a base for dozens of soundtracks and voice-overs. So first we should mute it to get rid of all the noises, and then add new music.
Youtube Video Size: Width and Height
The article will tell you all the YouTube video specs for both feed and ads, and how to resize your video to fit them.
How to Use Black and White Video Editor
Black and white videos look classy. All the flaws take a back seat, details become sharper and focus on the very essence of the visual.
Make Slow Motion Video for Instagram
Have you taken a funny clip for Instagram but think it'd be better slowed down? Don’t worry - you can make it slow-mo online within a few minutes.