Guides on video, photo and audio editing

What is 2K Resolution
If you are making videos for any of the social media on a regular basis, then you should be familiar with the resolution in general. Let’s dive deeper and explore 2K.
How to Cut a Song from SoundCloud for Free
Learn how to cut out a part of an audio file from SoundCloud in several clicks.
How to Crop a Screenshot on Mac Online
Cropping a screenshot is really easy to do when you have the right tool.
Add Audio to GIF Online
Read a short and explicit article on how to turn your GIF into a clip with a soundtrack.
How to Cut MP3 from a Song for SoundCloud for Free
Many people love SoundCloud for the ability to listen to music for free, but if you need just a part of a song...
How to Fix an Overexposed Photo Beforehand
How does your photo happened to be overexposed and how to prevent it in the future? Let's find out...
What is a Teleprompter
A perfect public presentation is not only the innate gift of a communicator, it is also a skilful handling of technical support tools. One of them is a teleprompter.
What is a Jump Cut in Film
There is so much video content and movies out there, so it is a good idea to know more about various film techniques and their impact on us.
MP4 vs MOV: Differences
MP4 and MOV video formats are both widely accepted and compatible with most social media.
What is Video Encoding
Video encoding is the process of turning digital video files from one format to another. It’s also known as "transcoding" or "conversion".
How to Convert Video to Audio Online
What if you want to listen to some video without the video itself? Just extract the audio track separately with our online tool!
What is ISO on a Camera
ISO is very important for those who is planning on buying a camera and want to learn to properly use it.
How to Fix Overexposed Video
When filming, there are so many factors that can ruin a perfect shot. Overexposed video doesn't look as good but it can be fixed in a few clicks.
What is Blue Hour in Photography
It’s one of two “Magic Hours” when the lighting is so spectacular that even an amateur can create a masterpiece.
What is Aperture and How Does it Work
If you decide to buy a digital camera, you will face lots of technical terms — aperture is one of the most important ones.
Native Resolution vs Supported Resolution
You can watch the same video on a mobile, on a tablet, and on a laptop — and it will have the same quality. Or it will not?
J-Cut vs L-Cut: Differencies
Split editing is a transitioning technique where the audio track is ahead of or behind the corresponding video.
How to Upload Song to YouTube
If you need to upload an audio file to YouTube and you're wondering how to do it, the short answer is: make it into a video.
Rain Photography Tips
Rainy wether is a perfect opportunity to take some great shots — but you should consider some points first!
What is Video Dubbing
If you watch a Japanese anime, French documentary, or lecture from a German professor — it's probably dubbed into your language.
What is YouTube Banner Size and How to Resize for It
A good YouTube channel banner is a great chance to tell people who visit your page more about you.
How to Fade Out Music Online
Audio fades can be a very powerful instrument, but not everyone knows how to add them to a file. We’ll show you how to quickly do it.
What is RAW in Photography
If you like photography, at some point you will come across debates on whether you need to save the photos as JPEG or RAW files.
What is a Footcandle in Video Lighting
The term “footcandle” is usually used in the USA. But you still can see it in any manuals and camera instructions, so let’s unveil what it means.