Guides on video, photo and audio editing

Instagram Video Sizes and Other Specs
Learn all the Instagram video specs for all types of posts and how to resize your video to fit them.
How to Reverse Video on iPhone
The article will tell you how to reverse a video on iPhone or any other device online.
How to Use Video Caption Maker
Get to know how to caption your video to make it understandable on another language or to make it clear because the sound is poor.
Rotate a Video for Instagram in Seconds
If you don’t want to enjoy a video keeping your head tilted, you have to find a user-friendly tool to rotate it. Luckily, now you have one!
Compress a Video on iPhone Online
All social media and email services have video size restrictions. If you come across this problem, read on to learn how to compress a video on iPhone.
How to Crop a Video on Android Phone
Cropping a video seems to be an easy task, however not every Android phone has such a build-in option. Don't worry, there is a way to do it anyway!
How to Speed Up a Video for Instagram Online
Need to speed up an Instagram video? Or forgot to hit the timelapse option while recording? Don’t worry, you can add this effect easily. Here’s how...
Create Stop Motion Videos on iPhone
The article will tell you how to create a unique video with a stop motion effect with a few clicks on iPhone or any other device.
How to Make a Video for Instagram
You can easily create an Instagram post or story by making a video out of your best photos, videos and music.
Add Music to a Video on Android Device
One video may serve as a base for dozens of soundtracks and voice-overs. So first we should mute it to get rid of all the noises, and then add new music.
Youtube Video Size: Width and Height
The article will tell you all the YouTube video specs for both feed and ads, and how to resize your video to fit them.
How to Use Black and White Video Editor
Black and white videos look classy. All the flaws take a back seat, details become sharper and focus on the very essence of the visual.
Make Slow Motion Video for Instagram
Have you taken a funny clip for Instagram but think it'd be better slowed down? Don’t worry - you can make it slow-mo online within a few minutes.
How to Mute a Video on Android
Muting a video without specialized software turns out to be a complicated task. Luckily, a super-easy and super-fast tool comes in handy.
Download Part of a YouTube Video
Not everything is worth our attention, sometimes we need to save some moments of a clip and cut off the rest. Read on to learn how to do it online.
Make a Video on iPhone
We are not talking about a regular recording – it would be too easy. We mean creating a unique visual by merging several videos, pictures and adding a personalized soundtrack.
Compress Video for Facebook
Uploading a video to Facebook but the file size is a bit too big? Don’t fret, we'll tell you how to compress it online in a flash.
How to Trim a Video on Android
To focus on the wittiest and the most picturesque moments we just need to cut off the rest – or, in other words, trim a video.
Add MP3 to Video Online
Adding one of your favourite MP3s to a video might be just what it needs to bring it to life. Here’s how to do it without downloading any software.
Make a Slow Motion Video on iPhone
Read on and get to know how to make slow motion out of any video on iPhone online.
How to Make a Square Video
Square video aka “box format” is getting incredibly popular. Why? Keep reading and get to know the reasons and how to convert a video to a square.
2 Ways to Flip a Video on iPhone
It’s a pity to accidentally find out that your video is upside down after recording. The good news is there are two quick and easy ways to solve this.
How to Put YouTube on Repeat
The article will tell you how to loop a YouTube video up to 6 times or infinitely completely online.
Rotate Video on Android
You don't necessarily have to have an app installed on your Android to be able to rotate videos. Read on to find out how to do it online!