Sources with educational videos for students (and everyone else)

Fortunately, now we have digital, mobile, and blended learning, as well as microlearning, to meet the needs of all types of learners and deliver better results.

One of the most popular sources of learning nowadays is watching educational videos. Some things may be confusing in theory, but everything becomes clear after seeing them in practice. So, where to find educational videos on any topic? Let's look at sites that will help you with this goal!

Platforms for entertainment

When we hear the term "social network", it does not evoke any associations with learning. However, what prevents the use of such sites for this purpose? The format of platforms such as Instagram or TikTok allows you to share small videos with quick tips and lifehacks that will help in understanding some basic concepts in mathematics or the universe.

Plus, even non-learning videos can inspire you to try something new or discover a topic that interests you.

Educational videos on popular video platforms

Nowadays, everyone uses or at least has heard of YouTube. This platform is mostly used for entertainment but also for learning. However, unlike the previously mentioned social networks, YouTube provides the ability to upload and watch longer videos which is beneficial when you want to gain a whole new skill.

Thus, the platform became the perfect place to create educational channels, free for watching and available for any audience, from children to adults and elders. Educational science videos, animated shorts for kids, handmade or language courses – you name it, you can find nearly everything on YouTube!

The videos on such channels alone are unlikely enough to learn skills professionally from scratch. Still, they will provide you with valuable knowledge that will complement the educational process. Plus, if you think you can make videos for other users, too, these platforms are very beginner friendly.

Check the following popular platforms where you can find educational videos as well: Vimeo, Dailymotion, National Geographic, NASA Videos, TED-Ed.

Websites specialized in educational videos

If you love self-development and are constantly looking for new training courses and master classes, then in addition to social networks, you should also pay attention to sites aimed at learning directly. You've probably come across names like Skillshare or Udemy, where you can find classes in a variety of areas. Like others in this niche, these sites offer paid and free options.

Educational video websites

The advantage of such platforms is that they propose a large selection of structured lessons. The number of topics is huge and varies from the level of a simple hobby to mastering a skill for its professional application. For instance, if you are interested in drawing, you can find both basic lessons for beginners and entire courses on what is in demand in the industry and how to achieve this level of mastery.

Here are some more educational platforms like these: FutureLearn, Big Think, OpenLearn, Alison.

Graduation through courses – it's possible!

Aiming for a more serious level? Try online learning platforms like Coursera, edX, and others! In a sense, such platforms can be called "virtual universities" as they provide various free and paid courses in the sciences and humanities.

Such learning platforms are more academically oriented since they use university resources and many courses are taught by professors. There you can find computer science, languages, psychology, engineering, and biology classes.

This approach offers universal access to higher education and the ability to receive certificates and diplomas confirming the completion of courses. However, because of this, the lessons might seem quite difficult for beginners since they are designed for people with existing basic knowledge of the topic.

Sources of learning and video education

Evidently, there are a crazy number of educational videos on the Internet for every taste, and you can even find those that will teach you while you sleep! The availability of various academic sources allows you to search for and start the needed course at any time. There is only one drawback – how to find time to complete all the courses that interest you?