Common problems new YouTubers face

Starting something completely new is always scary and even disheartening. But no worries: what one man can do, another can do too.

Every profession has its perks and drawbacks. It seems that YouTubers do nothing but have fun, enjoy themselves, and churn out dozens of high-quality videos a day. Meanwhile, new YouTubers face a number of obstacles, and some of them may even discourage aspiring vloggers and make them change their career path.

Let's have a closer look at some of the most common problems and try to find a solution.

Vloggers' challenges

Low video quality

There may be tons of reasons: poor equipment, lack of experience and post-production editing, YouTuber's camera issues, etc. What can you do?

  • Make sure your cam is steady even if you don't have a gimbal or a tripod.
  • Get a good camera and accessories. Don't forget to dig into settings and adjust them as you need.
  • Choose the right tools for video editing. They should be user-friendly, easy to use, and preferably free.
  • Audio quality is no less important than the footage.
  • Never post your first videos right away, and don't go live until you master all the technical details. Have a thorough review first and fix all the imperfections.

Camera shyness

If you're not used to public speaking, you may feel awkward and uncomfortable in front of the cam. You can also face Imposter Syndrome: the feeling that you're not qualified or experienced enough to share your knowledge with others.

Here, practice is the key: the more you shoot, the less you panic. Everybody finds their way to overcome a fear of being recorded, but there are also several common techniques to help you out.

YouTuber camera shyness

Lack of content ideas

Finding your niche may be challenging. Launching a channel on something you are a real prof at is always better. There are dozens of formats to use: how-to tutorials, "do with me", academic explanations, workshops, etc.

If you haven't decided on your topic yet, you may use one of the common YouTube ideas, but be aware that the competition is high, so you should grip your followers with something new, useful, and entertaining.

Try not to go to another extremity and not to gain followers with the "shock content" or your dirty laundry. It's very cheap popularity.


Every blogger needs some pictures to illustrate their topic and some music to make a video more artistic, right? Bad news: if you did not produce all this content, you most likely can't use it.

There are different levels of content legal usage. Some authors provide their visuals and music for free, others allow non-commercial usage, and thirds sell their creations. So whenever you come across something you like and think will be useful in your videos, check out its copyright policy.

Copyright challenges for vlog

Lack of views, likes, and comments

Everybody would like to wake up one day and find themself famous. Unfortunately, it rarely happens. It will take you weeks, if not months, to gain followers and become popular. You may lose hope and decide to give up. Don't! Just keep going and follow some tips on how to get more views on YouTube, and quantity will inevitably get transformed into quality.

To summarize, if you consider YouTube a career, be ready for challenges and obstacles. But you can overcome them, just never give up!