How to get your videos seen on YouTube

The number of views is an indicator of how successful the channel is and how relevant the topic of the video is. But what counts as a view on YouTube? Actually, it’s not the mere fact that someone clicked on your video; for the view to count, it also has to be played for at least 30 seconds.

The goal to get a lot of views on YouTube is dictated not only by the desire to surpass the competitors. However, the main aim for many videomakers is also to make a profit from their activities. In that case, how much are 1 million YouTube views worth? On average, it’s about $2000, however, it’s not just the amount of views that counts. The channel has to have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time to be eligible for monetization.

However, getting the first views on your YouTube videos is far from an easy task. Even if you are confident in the quality of your content, it’s not always possible to find viewers among millions of videos. Therefore, it is worth considering several ways to promote your videos on YouTube.

  1. Groups of interest

    On every social media platform you can find groups where users promote their channels and videos on YouTube. You can be active there and get new views. You may also need to watch the videos of other members of the group, like, and subscribe.

    Interest groups to get more views on YouTube
  2. Mutual PR

    Collaboration with another owner of a similar channel will help you gain views on your videos. Pick up a like-minded person so that the topic is similar but not the same. You can use mutual PR in many ways: talking about each other’s activities, making video reviews, shooting a video together, leaving a link to the channel, etc.

  3. View boosters

    Such tools allow you to get an increase in views without personal participation. There are both paid and free applications, but they work on the same principle. All you need is to download the app, link your account to it and add a video link. All interested users can use such applications.

  4. Social media traffic

    Attract viewers from other popular platforms. Surely you have accounts with a bunch of friends on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Post a link to your YouTube channel; many people may be interested in your activities and watch some videos. You can also announce the release of the video there to stir up interest and attract users' attention, which will help make real YouTube views from scratch.

    Social media for more views on YouTube
  5. Informational articles

    Promote your activities through repurposing. When shooting videos, you probably write scripts that can easily be transformed into informational articles. Post them on popular platforms that many people read and add a link to your YouTube video about the same topic.

  6. Use hashtags

    Be sure to add various tags to your videos as YouTube uses them to determine what content to show in related videos. Therefore, indicate the hashtags of areas related to your content, so the viewers get your videos in the recommendations.

  7. Hot topics

    Following the channel format buys the audience over, and they subscribe to continue watching your videos. But you need to leave room for hot topics as well. Subscribers can encourage you to create a video on a certain topic, or you may see an interesting idea in another creator’s clip. This approach will help you quickly gain views on YouTube and be on the same wavelength as your subscribers.

    More views on YouTube
  8. Stimulate activity

    Capturing the attention of an audience is not an easy task. Video and channel promotion will become faster if you encourage the viewer to be active. You can use the following methods for promotion:

    • ask to leave an opinion and hit a like button to make the video more noticeable;
    • ask questions and touch on controversial topics, encouraging people to speak up;
    • engage in conversations in the comments – this way you can find a new interesting topic or learn how to fix flaws in your videos.
  9. Post frequently

    Regardless of the number of subscribers on the channel, you need to upload videos regularly. Otherwise, the viewers are not sure when to expect a new video. It is recommended to add videos with a certain frequency and find the best time to upload – usually, it’s about once in a few days and in the period from 5 to 9 p.m.

    Time schedule for more views
  10. There are many ways to get a lot of views on YouTube, and it’s better to use them all. It will take effort, but over time it will become a habit, and you will get views without active participation.