How to overcome the fear of being on camera

The research has proved that camera fear is natural. The point is, being watched, we instinctively feel insecure and endangered, as hundreds of thousands of years ago, most likely, the observer was a predator ready to attack.

Camera fear origin

The second reason for being shy: the recording may differ greatly from an imaginary image of ourselves. The voice is undistorted, the gestures are unfamiliar and clumsy. This gap between the imaginary and the real may be shocking.

That's why sometimes we experience a wide range of emotions in front of the camera: from light anxiety to scopophobia, an excessive fear of being filmed. Nevertheless, everybody can get camera confidence, it just takes time, practice, and effort.

Fasten your seatbelts, here are some tips on how to be comfortable in front of a video camera.

Tips for being on camera

Whatever you need — to talk to the camera to record stories for FB or start your professional IG or YouTube channel — the following hints may help.

Use mirror effect

This hint includes two parts. First: have a little rehearsal in front of the mirror before going live or recording a video. It will make you more confident. Second: flip the camera to use the mirror image. This way, you'll see yourself as you are used to, so your own image will not freak you out.

Build camera confidence

Practice is king

The more you work, the better you are. Don't let the failures upset you, just keep going. Take several deep breaths, think of something nice and soothing, and off we go!

Make yourself comfortable

Make sure you feel comfortable in the place where you shoot. Try to minimize all distractions and noises, lock the door and ask your family members not to come in while you are busy.

Adjust the chair, mute the notifications, and make sure the lighting and acoustic fit your needs. After that, you'll be able to fully focus on your video.

Get prepared

It's always good to speak off the cuff but think of what you will say beforehand. Take some notes, just the key points. Don't write the ready script: this way, you'll sound unnatural and get even more stressed.

Plan to stop being camera shy

Look smart

Smart casual outlook will make you feel much better even if you are a novice. Nothing posh: have a quick look in a cam and make sure you like what you see.

By the way, when it comes to looking. Look directly at the camera, giving the viewers an illusion of eye contact and helping establish rapport.

Don’t be hard on yourself

We are all human beings, nobody is perfect. Why do you think you should be? There may be bloopers, slipups, and bursts of laughter — and let them be! Your followers don't expect you to be a voice professional, they come to your vlog to get some unique information only you can share, and that's it.

You can always include your bloopers at the end of the recording to make your followers laugh.

Don’t go live

There is too much emotional pressure in live broadcasting for amateurs. Until you feel 100% confident, record your videos in advance. This way, you'll have time to give them a quick run before posting, reshoot if needed, and polish up with some editing.

These are just our ideas on how to stop being shy and awkward, not an exhaustive list! Try everything that makes you feel better: drinking green tea, meditation, talking with friends. And you'll overcome your camera fear in no time.