Guides on video, photo and audio editing

What is Instagram Aspect Ratio
All the social media have a special list of requirements for posts, and Instagram is no exception!
What is Crop Factor in Simple Words
Crop factor is one of many important terms in photography — but don't worry, we'll explain it in simple words!
How to Mirror a Video for YouTube
In this article, we'll tell you how to mirror or flip a video for YouTube with the help of our service.
What is 600 DPI and How to Convert Your Image
Learn what 600 DPI means and how to turn your image to 600 DPI instantly online.
What is a Zoom and Telephoto Lens
Want to know what lens you need for shooting wildlife or sports or night sky? Keep reading...
How to Rip Audio from a Video
Do you want to get sound from a clip you’ve recently seen? Find out how to do it in a few easy steps!
How to Cut an iPhone Video Online
Do you need to cut a fragment of the video on your iPhone? Learn how to do it with our easy-to-use tool!
What Does Mirrorless Camera Mean
MIrrorless cameras — what are they, how do they work and what are their pros and cons. We'll tell you everything...
How to Add SoundCloud Music to a Video
In this article, you will learn how to combine a SoundCloud song with a video and save the result in any format you like.
How to Repeat Videos for YouTube on iPhone
Looped videos may be way funnier than regular pics. Learn how to loop a video from your mobile phone in several taps!
What Camera Modes Exist
There are different camera modes that you should use in order to get better pictures. We'll cover the most common ones for you.
How to Cut Music for Ringtone Online
Cut your favourite music and set it as a custom ringtone in three simple steps.
How to Make a GIF from a Video Clip
A picture is worth a thousand words, and a GIF is worth a hundred pictures. Let’s find out how to create them.
What is Shutter Speed
Learn what means shutter speed — an important component of the exposure triangle.
How to Compress Video for Email on Android Online
Email services usually have a 25 MB limit for attachments. So if you want to send a larger video, you need to compress it first.
How to Extract Audio from Video Online
Learn how to get just an audio file from any video without the need to install any apps to your device.
How to Take a Clip from a Video
Your phone, cloud storage, and social media are likely to have lots of recordings. Sometimes you need just a couple of seconds from them...
Portrait Photography Tips for Beginners
A portrait isn’t just a representation of a face. It tells a story about a person, their mood, character and interests.
How to Loop a Video for YouTube
There are videos with moments that you just can’t stop looking at and wish they last forever. So why not loop them?
What is F-Stop on a Camera
What is the mysterious F-stop? What is F-number? What is aperture? How do these work? Let's learn the answers...
How to Compress a Large Video File Online
Reduce the size of your video using our simple tool without installing anything on your device.
What is Stop Motion
What is a mysterious stop motion effect and what is it used for? Read on and get to know!
How to Trim Video for Facebook Online
Cut any video for Facebook or other social media as you wish with the help of an online tool.
Lumen vs Footcandle: Comparison
Learn what the meaning of lumen and footcandle is, and why we need them.