Guides on video, photo and audio editing

Basic Video Editing Terms: Part 1
Do you want to become a video blogger? While working with a video editor, you may encounter a huge number of video editing terms.
5 Movies Shot on Phones
Always dreamed of making a movie, but you only have a phone for filming? It’s good enough — just look at how others have used it successfully!
How to Create Women's Day Video
International women’s day is a wonderful holiday of spring, beauty, grace and, we dare to say, even happiness. Let’s make it special by creating a unique video card!
7 Ways to Get More Followers on Instagram
Instagram is one of the easiest ways to boost your business, promote your personal brand, or become an Internet celebrity.
How to Make Woman's Day GIF from Video
When you want to make someone happy, but it’s hard to find the right words, you can send a GIF portraying your feelings. It will say everything for you!
How to Create an International Women's Day Meme
As is tradition, on this day we wish all the best for the women we know. So why not do it with a self-made meme?
How to Make a Happy Birthday Video
Nothing can warm someone’s heart as much as a personalized gift. Treat your close ones to a birthday video with the best and funniest moments of their life!
How to Choose Fonts for Videos
Don't underestimate the role of typography in your visual materials. It may be not the most important part of the video, still a very influential one.
How to Change the Aspect Ratio of a Video Online
Every social medium or online platform has its video specifications, and aspect ratio is a key one. That’s why sometimes you have to change this parameter quickly, and Clideo can offer you two ways to do it.
How to Make a Reaction Video
Do you want to bring joy to others by showing them your first emotional reaction? See how to create such a video quickly!
What are Google Fonts and Why Use Them
The font is the face of the website. Readers may quickly forget if it’s too ordinary or too frilly. Are you looking for the middle ground?
Difference Between Content Creators and Influencers
Content creators and influencers have a lot in common: they both generate internet content, promote goods or services, and collaborate with different brands.
How to Post Videos on Pinterest
Pinterest is all about photos and pictures: its users exchange ideas, inspiration, color palettes, etc. But can you post videos on Pinterest?
How to Share a TikTok Video on Twitter
Made a video on TikTok and need to upload it to Twitter? No problem, repost it!
How to Share Private Videos with Family or Friends
Devotees of the old school still transfer data with the help of pen drives, especially if they need to share large files, such as videos. But modern times bring new ways!
How to Get More Views on YouTube
A successful YouTube channel is not an accident but the result of steady work on promotion and keeping the audience. But how to attract this audience, to begin with?
How to Make Twitter Videos Online
There are some rules to remember when uploading videos to Twitter. See what you need to know to upload your video without any hassle!
Best Valentine's Day Fonts for Your Romantic Video
Epistolary style is much less popular in our days of emails and short messages than it used to be. Saint Valentine’s day is a great occasion to drop into old habits for a while.
How to Add Video Vignette on Your Phone
A vignette has a very simple but still picturesque effect, making your video more artistic and eye-catching. Let’s see how to apply it.
8 Tips to Record Video on iPhone
iPhones are actively used for shooting videos, but why not maximize the full potential of your camera? Check out a few tips to make your iPhone video better.
How to Edit Videos on iPhone
We often shoot videos on our phones on the go; as a result, you might require editing for some of them. Find out how to do it right on your phone!
What is HEIC file and How to Open It
Apple users are familiar with HEIC files and have no problems opening them. Does it mean that Android or Windows users are deprived of such a convenient format? Not at all.
How to Speed Up Process of Video Editing
Video editing allows us to create high-quality videos, enjoying the process and the result, but sometimes you want to spend less time on it. Find out a few ways to edit faster!
Best Time to Post on TikTok and Other Social Media
Posting time influences your audience’s engagement and, hence, your brand recognition. Although there are some common trends, each social medium has its peculiarities.