Guides on video, photo and audio editing

How to Make Introduction Video
Introduction videos are an excellent tool for self-presentation and brand-promoting. Use our all-in-one video editor to create such a project from scratch.
How to Make Side-by-Side Video
Side-by-side videos are an unfading TikTok trend. But how to do them beyond this application? We have the right solution for you.
What is Viral Video and How to Go Viral
"Viral videos" is a relatively new notion — the term itself appeared about 15 years ago. Let’s find out more about virality and how it can be achieved.
What is Dolly Zoom
Dive into the details for one of cinema's most spectacular but rare visual techniques. Caution: reading it may cause vertigo!
Meet Clideo’s Online Video Editor
Are you a video creator searching for a simple video editing tool that can work right in your browser? Check this out!
How to Do Reverse Effect on Video
The reverse effect may look very spectacular in short videos. To apply one, you may buy costly software and sort out a dozen settings. Or just use our online tool.
How to Convert Video to Stop Motion
The charming and unique stop motion style captivates viewers of all ages with its simplicity and creativity. Take a look at how to apply this effect to your video!
How to Use Your Phone as Webcam
Modern smartphones can be a good substitute literally for everything: radios, TVs, typewriters, PCs, compasses, music players, and recorders, not even mentioning webcams.
How to Remove Audio from iPhone Video
Engaging video doesn’t work without background sound, but not every video needs it. Check out an easy way to mute a video with a few clicks!
What is 1080p Resolution
Do you often have to choose between resolutions like 720p or 1080p in different contexts? Learn about what these values mean and which one to choose!
Your Complete Guide to All Social Media Video Specs
Find out video sizes and specs for the following social media: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, Linkedin, Pinterest, and TikTok.
How to Find DPI of Image and Change It
When you want to print some images, it’s important to know their DPI so the result looks good. Learn how to easily find and change this value.
How to Make Music Video with Lyrics
If you want to share your song, it would be a good idea to also add the song's lyrics to it. Learn how you can do that online.
Beginner's Guide to Shooting Video with DSLR Camera
With modern DSLR cameras, you can shoot high-quality material at no additional cost. We have a few tips to help you out!
What is Video Poetry
Recently, the importance of poetry clips has been growing in artistic practice. But what is this genre about? Find out more about video poetry and how to create it.
How to Use Online Video Compressor
What if the video you want to post or send via different messengers is too big? You can install costly video editors — or just use our free online service!
7 Best Streaming Platforms
It's time to stream! Here is a short but helpful list of our favorite live streaming platforms you can try.
How to Combine GIFs into One Video Online
The more funny GIFs, the better. Merge them into one video with the help of our online video editing tool.
What is Live Streaming
Live streaming is now open to everybody. Find out more about this trend and whether you can also make use of it.
How to Convert Video to Widescreen Online
Every social media and online platform has its own specs for photos and videos. Find out how you can resize your video to widescreen to make sure it fits like a charm.
Introduction to Video Editing Timeline
Are you making your first steps as a video creator? Learn how to use a video timeline and get started with video editing like a pro!
How to Make 1-Hour Song Loop
Do you have a favorite song to listen to for an hour or more? Then loop it in a 1-hour continuous track right in our browser.
Baby Photography Tips
Baby photoshoots can become a challenge. We have a few baby photography tips to make the whole process more fun and easier.
How to Turn Video into Podcast Online
To reach a wider audience you can turn a video interview into a podcast. And you do not even need any complicated software or experience to extract audio from a video.