Video editing on Chromebook

If you think that the OS market is run by only two players — Microsoft and Apple — you will be surprised to find out that it's not 100% accurate.

Leaving aside Linux with its open-source kernel, we have to mention Google and its creation — ChromeOS. This operating system is installed on a portable computer called Chromebook.

Chromebook video editor

Compared with Windows laptops and Macbooks, Chromebook has less RAM than analogs, and overall is less "powerful" but it's perfectly suitable for surfing the Net, checking on social media, and performing some basic actions. As an additional advantage, it's cheaper than Macbooks and laptops, so it may be a great fit for students.

When it comes to video editing software, there are some preinstalled programs and in-built Google functions. You can also use "external" editing apps, but compatibility may be quite an obstacle.

Let's have a quick look at the most popular and convenient solutions for video editing on your Chromebook.

Video editor for Chromebook
  1. Google Photos

    Chromebook saves most of the data to the Google Drive cloud anyway, and Google Photos is a part of a standard pack.


    • Synchronized backup system
    • Intuitive functionality
    • Up to 15 GB of free storage


    • Rather a storage than a video editor. Google Photos can perform basic editing functions, such as changing a color scheme or cropping a frame.
    • The 15 GB limit is shared by all Google apps, so if you use your Google Drive actively, you may quite soon run out of free space.
  2. Openshot

    Openshot is an open-source app, which means no freemium modes, watermarks, or any functionality limits for free users. The app is compatible with all existing operating systems, including ChromeOS.


    • Abundant libraries of effects, elements, etc.
    • It's free and frequently updated.
    • Easy to use and intuitively comprehensive.


    • Outdated interface.
    • More suitable for amateur video enthusiasts, not pros.
    • Slow or lagging performance while processing large files.
  3. Video editing apps for Chromebook
  4. LumaFusion

    Originally an iOS application, LumaFusion is now available for Android and ChromeOS as well. It's a relatively simple app with a user-friendly interface and a decent package of editing functions.


    • Affordable one-time price.
    • Allows uploading custom fonts.
    • Comprehensive online tutorials and manuals.


    • Limited tracks for video and audio files.
    • Lack of advanced features for professional video editing.
  5. Clideo video editor for Chromebook
  6. Clideo

    Clideo is an online service that includes a set of single-function mini video editing tools and an all-in-one ultimate video editor. Being an online solution, Clideo is compatible with all operating systems and device types. It's a fine instrument for both aspiring content creators and experienced vloggers.


    • Works in a browser.
    • Vast functionality even for free or unregistered users.
    • User-friendly interface.
    • Free stock libraries of videos, GIFs, stickers, sounds, and audio.
    • App versions for the ultimate editor and some mini-tools.


    • Watermark for free or unregistered users.
    • No AI (yet).
  7. PowerDirector

    PowerDirector has both desktop and application versions. It is considered one of the best solutions for Chromebook users, as it features quite advanced functions while keeping a user-friendly interface.


    • Regularly updated.
    • The intuitive interface makes video editing easy and fun.
    • Expanded functionality, including video stabilizer.


    • Some functions are available only after a paid subscription.
  8. Adobe Express

    While the majority of Adobe products are quite expensive, Adobe Express has a free version, which is compatible with all operating systems. This service also works online in a browser.


    • A month of a free trial for a paid version.
    • Synchronization with other Adobe products.
    • Free templates and stock libraries.


    • Only 2 GB storage for free users.
    • Not a very user-friendly interface.
Video editing software for Chromebook


What is a Chromebook?

An affordable laptop designed and developed by Google. It already has preinstalled Google applications and saves data to the cloud instead of storing it locally.

Can I edit videos offline on a Chromebook?

Of course. For example, PowerDirector has a desktop version.

Are there any free video editing tools for Chromebooks?

Sure thing, and quite a lot. For example, Clideo as it works online, so the operating system doesn't matter.

Bottom line

Chromebook may look unfamiliar, but it is perfectly suitable for video editing. Just choose the tool you like most!