What is unboxing

Unboxing videos are a relatively new type of social media content. Influencers and Internet celebrities record unboxing videos to promote their sponsors or share their real experiences.

Sometimes the host doesn’t even know what they got. So they are pulling the items out of the box one by one, demonstrating each article to viewers, and speculating on what it might be. The audience enjoys the genuine emotions of the vlogger and their witty comments, so this type of unboxing reviews is quite popular on YouTube and other video platforms. You can even come across children and teenagers unboxing toys and gaining lots of likes.

This type of video content implies standard social media rules. It should be:

  • Relatively short, about 10–15 minutes, as modern viewers have a short attention span. For some social media, such as TikTok, even less.
  • Valuable. It should have some value, not necessarily material, such as promotions or discount codes. Funny jokes and useful information also count.
  • Of decent quality. The competition is high, so you just can’t afford to post videos with poor sound or shaking footage.

That’s why post-shooting editing is so crucial. And that’s where our humble service comes in just in handy.

Our ultimate all-in-one Video Editor allows you to film and edit unboxing videos from scratch. You don’t even have to record a video in advance, as the tool features a webcam recording function.

As with all other Clideo services, this one also works online in a browser. This means you can use it on any device with any operating system, be it Windows, Linux, macOS, or whatever else.

To use our tool, you don’t have to pay or even log in, but Clideo Pro subscribers can save their projects in better quality and without a watermark.

Let’s have a closer look at how to do unboxing videos in three steps.

  1. Record a video and place it in the tool

    Open the Online Video Editor and hit the "Get started" button to open the editing panel.

    Video editor to make unboxing videos

    Now, if you have already recorded a video, upload it from your device or a cloud storage account.

    Add files to make unboxing videos

    Otherwise, hit the "Record" button on the toolbar and shoot a video with the help of your webcam.

    Record unboxing videos

    Actually, you can record a series of short films and combine them into one project. You can also avail of our free stock visuals, stickers, GIFs, and audio tracks.

    Use stock audio for unboxing videos

    All your assets for the project will be added to "Media" and the timeline.

    Media for unboxing videos
  2. Edit your project

    Before editing separate files, open the "Canvas" tab and set the aspect ratio for the whole project.

    Change aspect ratio of unboxing videos

    After that, you can click the files you want to alter either in the timeline or preview canvas and perform the following actions:

    Duplicate, trim, or delete files.

    Duplicate clips in unboxing videos

    Rotate the frame, flip, or mirror it.

    Transform unboxing videos

    Alter the color scheme, brightness, saturation, etc.

    Change color in unboxing videos

    Change the playback speed.

    Change speed in unboxing videos

    Freeze the frame of the video and use it as a still picture.

    Freeze frame in unboxing videos

    Adjust the audio volume.

    Change volume in unboxing videos

    Add subtitles or captions and customize them.

    Add text to unboxing videos

    The tool has so many functions, that it’s easier to check them out than to read a list. Don’t worry, you can always undo the last action or come back to editing even after exporting the project.

  3. Save the result

    When you like what you see, export your project.

    Export unboxing videos

    You can choose an output quality, but for free users, the choice is limited to two options.

    Select output quality for unboxing videos

    Now just save your unboxing video to the chosen location and post it to your favorite social media to attract more followers!

    Save unboxing videos

Make sure you have a look at our video editor Help Center to get the latest information about our tool and all its features.