How to upload a video to TikTok

Before going straight to the point, let's answer the question "How long can a TikTok be?".

The length limit depends on how you create a video. If you record it right in the app, you can use length presets from 15 seconds to 3 minutes. But if you want to upload a previously recorded visual, the limit augments to 10 minutes. Actually, it may become even longer, up to 15 minutes, as the corresponding experiments are already going on.

TikTok 10-minute videos used to be integrated into the app as well, but this feature didn't prove to be popular, so now you can only upload them. And that's when you'll need video editing software to embellish and polish your recording before posting.

But we have a better option for you: an ultimate all-in-one video editor.

First, it works online in a browser. You can use it from any device, be it a MacBook, an Android smartphone, a Windows laptop, or any other gadget with a stable Internet connection.

Then, it can serve as a video trimmer, aspect ratio changer, meme maker, audio editor, subtitle editor, color filters, etc.

Finally, despite all its complexity and multi-functionality, the tool is user-friendly and intuitively comprehensive. But just in case you need any help, here is a brief manual on how to make a 10-minute TikTok.

  1. Collect visuals

    Open the Clideo's TikTok Video Maker in any browser and hit the "Get started" button.

    Video editor to make TikTok 10-minute videos

    Now, you can perform one or several of the following actions:

    • Import a recording from your device or cloud storage account;
    • Pick up a visual from our stock libraries;
    • Record the video right in the tool from scratch.
    Upload file to make TikTok 10-minute videos

    You'll find all the corresponding options on the toolbar on the left.

    When all the "ingredients" are gathered, go to the "Canvas" tab and set the project's aspect ratio. For a TikTok, select 9:16.

    Aspect ratio for TikTok 10-minute videos
  2. Create your TikTok video

    Now, only the sky is the limit. Place your video and audio files on the timeline tracks below the editing canvas and arrange them as you need. Click each of them to open its editing pane. Depending on the file's type, you can:

    Change the playback speed.

    Change speed for TikTok 10-minute videos

    Alter the color scheme.

    Change color for TikTok 10-minute videos

    Rotate, flip, and mirror a visual.

    Transform TikTok 10-minute videos

    Add and edit captions.

    Add text to TikTok 10-minute videos

    "Freeze" the chosen frame and turn it into a separate pic

    Freeze frame in TikTok 10-minute videos

    Loop a short video into a GIF.

    Save as GIF

    And much more!

  3. Post the video to TikTok

    When everything is neat and tidy, hit the "Export" button and choose the output resolution. If you are a Clideo Pro subscriber, you can avail of FHD and 4K options!

    Export TikTok 10-minute videos

    Once the file is processed, you can return to editing or save it to the chosen location.

    Save TikTok 10-minute videos

    After that, you just have to open the TikTok app, hit the "Plus" sign, and upload your freshly made video.

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