Guides on video, photo and audio editing

What is Shutter Speed
Learn what means shutter speed — an important component of the exposure triangle.
How to Compress Video for Email on Android Online
Email services usually have a 25 MB limit for attachments. So if you want to send a larger video, you need to compress it first.
How to Extract Audio from Video Online
Learn how to get just an audio file from any video without the need to install any apps to your device.
How to Take a Clip from a Video
Your phone, cloud storage, and social media are likely to have lots of recordings. Sometimes you need just a couple of seconds from them...
Portrait Photography Tips for Beginners
A portrait isn’t just a representation of a face. It tells a story about a person, their mood, character and interests.
How to Loop a Video for YouTube
There are videos with moments that you just can’t stop looking at and wish they last forever. So why not loop them?
What is F-Stop on a Camera
What is the mysterious F-stop? What is F-number? What is aperture? How do these work? Let's learn the answers...
How to Compress a Large Video File Online
Reduce the size of your video using our simple tool without installing anything on your device.
What is Stop Motion
What is a mysterious stop motion effect and what is it used for? Read on and get to know!
How to Trim Video for Facebook Online
Cut any video for Facebook or other social media as you wish with the help of an online tool.
Lumen vs Footcandle: Comparison
Learn what the meaning of lumen and footcandle is, and why we need them.
How to Change Aspect Ratio of Video for YouTube
The aspect ratio is the most important characteristic of video files. Different social media have different requirements for that.
What is a Prime Lens
Learn what are prime lenses and find out why professional photographers are fond of them.
Compress Video for Text Message Online
We are used to sharing videos via email or different apps. But it is still possible to send a clip over a cellular network as well.
Focal Length Definition in Photography
Even an amateur photographer should know what makes a photograph. Today we'll tell you about focal length...
DPI vs PPI and How to Edit it
Learn what abbreviations DPI and PPI stand for, what their differences and similarities are and why they are important in photoshooting.
How to Embed a Video for YouTube on Facebook
It's a good idea to resize your video before posting, especially if you want to repost the video from one website to another.
Ambient Light Definition
Ambient light consistently and uniformly illuminates all surfaces of an object so that no shadows, glare, or reflections appear.
How to Extract Audio from a Video for YouTube
An interesting interview or a science class is worth saving so that you can listen to it again.
How to Add Music to GIF Online
Everyone is familiar with small animated images, also known as GIFs as you can encounter them in all social media and all kinds of websites.
What is a Gimbal
Learn what a gimbal is and how it helps in photo- and videography.
How to Make a Custom Ringtone on iPhone Online
Looking to make an iPhone ringtone out of your favorite clip or cute sound? All you need is the right tool that we have for you.
How to Create a Slideshow on iPhone Online
Anyone with an iPhone can turn photos into a video slideshow. It is a beautiful way to show memories after a trip or event.
What is a DSLR Camera
If you start to learn photography, then you definitely need to know what is a DSLR camera.