Guides on video, photo and audio editing

How to Add Logo to Video Online
Learn how to add a logo to your video without installing anything in just a few steps using Clideo's online video editor.
Live Streaming Guide for Beginners
Live streaming is a powerful marketing tool that can be used both by "big dogs" and aspiring amateur vloggers. It's cheap and efficient, but only if you make smart use of it.
How to Edit a Vlog Video Online
Are you taking the first steps in video editing? Learn about the tool that will help you understand how to quickly and easily edit a video for YouTube!
What is a Voice Over Artist and How to Become One
A voice-over artist is someone whose tool is their voice. Find out what are the other prerequisites for this creative profession.
How to Make Meme GIFs
Is there a GIF that can become the perfect meme if you add some captions? Check out this online tool that helps you make meme GIFS online.
What is Voice Over
One of the essential parts of audio storytelling is what you hear. Find out more about voice over and the way it captivates the audience.
How to Make a TikTok Sound Your Alarm
Have you ever considered that a custom alarm sound could significantly improve your mental well-being? Learn how to create a free alarm from your TikTok video.
Micro Video Content: How to Get Started
Ready to jump into micro video content creation? Our introductory article will help you get started with creating engaging bite-sized videos.
Microvlogging: What is Micro-Content in Social Media
Less is not always worse than more, and microvlogging is proof of that. Learn more about what it is!
How to Make a Video Your Wallpaper for Android
As cool a static image background on your phone is, a video wallpaper is a rather unusual solution that will make the screen really stand out. Find out how easy it is to create such wallpapers!
What is Authentic Video Content
What is authenticity, and why is it important? How to make sure your video meets this definition? How to stand out from the competitors’ video content? Let’s answer these and other questions.
Vlogging Income: How Vloggers Make Money
Everyone knows creating content for YouTube could be pretty lucrative, but not everyone knows there is more than one way to monetize videos. Get to know them!
How to Edit Videos on Android
Meet Clideo Editor — an ultimate all-in-one tool for in-depth video editing. Almost every mission is possible for it!
What are the Benefits of Being a YouTuber
Did you ever think about trying to become a vlogger? If you want to know whether it’s worth it, check out the advantages of this activity!
5 Vlogging Challenges and How to Tackle Them
If you decide to become a professional vlogger, you will most likely face several vlogging challenges. Learn more about them and some helpful tips and tricks to overcome them.
How to Stitch Videos Together on iPhone
The more, the better, right? Create seamless videos without any technical expertise. Learn how to stitch 2 and more videos together in one clip on iPhone.
7 Vlogging Mistakes to Avoid
Want to start your own channel? Find out about several ways to make your journey easier!
How to Change Video Aspect Ratio
The same video looks different on different platforms. Find out how to quickly resize it before uploading!
How to Stop Being Camera Shy When Vlogging
If you are a new YouTuber, you might have already thought of how to stop being camera-shy when vlogging. Check out some tips to overcome the fear of being on camera.
How to Make Your Custom Easter Video
Wishing all the best is always good, but it’s even better when the greetings are something that you’ve made on your own. Find out how easy it is to create a video greeting!
How to Storyboard a Video
Discover the key steps to effectively storyboard a video and bring your ideas to life.
How to Make Your Own Happy Easter GIF
Easter is a very special holiday. In a certain sense, it may be even more important than Christmas as it symbolizes the upcoming spring. It deserves very special wishes too.
What is a Storyboard and When You Need One
To write a perfect screenplay, you need to put your thoughts together and start writing. And to shoot a video based on a written script, a storyboard comes to the rescue.
How to Add Sound Effects to Videos
Sound often makes up a large part of the final result, so it’s worth getting creative and using different sound effects. Find out how to easily apply them to your video!