Guides on video, photo and audio editing

How to Create Split Edits: J-Cuts and L-Cuts
Have you seen transitions in films, when the sound from the first shot remains in the second one? Learn how to do them in a few simple steps!
5 Biggest Mistakes of Video Creators
Are you thinking of starting your own channel but don’t know all the intricacies of making a video? Learn what you should consider and what to avoid before recording!
What is Video Outro
An outro, as well as an intro, is an essential part of every video. Like any other element, it has its peculiarities and best practices.
How to Add Watermark in Video
Do you want to protect the authorship of your video? Learn how to watermark a video in just a couple of clicks!
What is Motion Tracking in Video Editing
The more experience an amateur video editor gets, the more often there is a desire to try some new creative effects. What about motion tracking? Learn what it is and when to use it!
How to Voice Over Video on iPhone
Videos help to explain a lot, but a bit of extra explanation could be a nice bonus. Find out how to quickly and easily add voiceovers to your video!
How to Add Music to Drone Video
Many drone videos have background music that enhances the video experience. Find out how to easily create such a video yourself!
What is Stock Footage and How to Use It
Are you making a video and don’t know what to do with some fragments? Stock footage can help you out!
What are Indie Movies
Indie or independent films are often mistaken for art-house movies. Since the terminology may be misleading, let us make it clear.
What is Drone Video
Ordinary cameras can record great photos, but drones allow people to give them a sense of wonder and capture the world from another perspective.
5 Best Video Effects Resources
Modern videos are much more than just shooting: thanks to progressive technologies, we can change them beyond recognition.
How to Use Online Meme Generator
How often do you come across a catchphrase and think: if only it were a meme? Now you can make it one with the help of our online tool.
How to Make Split Screen Video on iPhone
The split screen effect is actively used in film and video editing to make the video more engaging visually. Learn a simple way to apply this effect using your phone!
Why Use Video in Education
The modern world offers various ways of learning, and video courses or educational videos are just one of them.
How to Do Picture-in-Picture Video Online
The picture-in-picture effect is useful for creating reaction or review videos. Learn how to easily create this effect!
How to Turn Picture into Video
There are already several ways to turn a picture into video with the help of Clideo tools. Let’s have a closer look at one of the handiest and newest one.
What is Allegory in Movies
Allegory is used everywhere: in literature and cinema, stage art, dance, painting, and architecture. Let's explore how it is used in films.
How to Make Introduction Video
Introduction videos are an excellent tool for self-presentation and brand-promoting. Use our all-in-one video editor to create such a project from scratch.
How to Make Side-by-Side Video
Side-by-side videos are an unfading TikTok trend. But how to do them beyond this application? We have the right solution for you.
What is Viral Video and How to Go Viral
"Viral videos" is a relatively new notion — the term itself appeared about 15 years ago. Let’s find out more about virality and how it can be achieved.
What is Dolly Zoom
Dive into the details for one of cinema's most spectacular but rare visual techniques. Caution: reading it may cause vertigo!
Meet Clideo’s Online Video Editor
Are you a video creator searching for a simple video editing tool that can work right in your browser? Check this out!
How to Do Reverse Effect on Video
The reverse effect may look very spectacular in short videos. To apply one, you may buy costly software and sort out a dozen settings. Or just use our online tool.
How to Convert Video to Stop Motion
The charming and unique stop motion style captivates viewers of all ages with its simplicity and creativity. Take a look at how to apply this effect to your video!