Guides on video, photo and audio editing

In-Car Video Recording Basics
Vlogging in the car is a very peculiar and even sensitive topic. Let's explore some basic rules you need to know before you press the record button.
How to Make Video Voicemail
Video voicemails are the craze of the day. They are like audio voicemails but much better. Why don’t you try them too?
Why Use Videos at Work
Although we are used to watching videos for entertainment, they are vastly used in various fields. One of them is videos that help with work.
How to Add Close-Up Shots to Your Video
Made a great video but forgot to take close-ups? Find out how to fix it with just a few clicks!
Does Your Business Need Video Marketing
Video marketing is just one of the marketing types, but we’d dare to say one of the most efficient ways to get new customers and increase your sales.
How to Split a Clip and Remix It
Have you ever wanted to remix your favorite videos and try them with some other music? Now it’s easier than ABC.
What Does it Mean to Pay Homage
Art often repeats what was already made. And it’s not because the authors lack imagination. Sometimes references help to immerse the viewer in context. There is also another similar technique – homage.
How to Make Video Collage Online
Making a video collage is a great idea. You can share it on social media or use it as an original gift for loved ones. Learn how to create your own collage in a few minutes!
What is AI Video Generator
Artificial Intelligence takes up more and more spheres of our lives. Nowadays AI algorithms can even create pieces of art and perform other creative tasks that have always been considered an integral part of human nature.
How to Overlay Video on Video
"Video on video" format is very handy when you want to illustrate what you’re talking about or comment on some events. Luckily, it’s really easy to make one.
What are Mashups Videos
Videos, which used to be just an Internet joke, have now formed an entire culture on social media platforms. Learn more about the popular mashup genre!
How to Add Image as Background for Vertical Video
If the video is shot vertically, it will not look perfect on wide screens. However, its appearance can be improved in such cases, and it’s quite easy too!
What is Video Customer Support
Customer support, also known as "help desk" is an integral part of every company's service. And what about video customer support?
How to Make DIY Videos
People are inspired by "handwork" videos because they feel they can do it themselves and enjoy small accomplishments. Let’s take a look at how DIY videos are made!
How to Make TikTok Duet Video
TikTok is not losing ground among young people, its trends break all the records and gain thousands of "likes". Let’s have a closer look at the Duet trend.
How to Hold Camera Steady Without Tripod
When taking photos, there is always a risk of getting a blurry picture, especially if you do not have a tripod at hand. Here are some tips to help stabilize your camera.
What is Visual Storytelling and Why It Works
Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of knowledge transfer, known thousands of years ago. Nowadays it’s making its way in a digital world.
How to Make Speedpaints
Are you an artist or a web designer willing to share your skill with the audience? Then this manual for speed art drawings is just for you!
How to Make Expectation vs Reality Meme Video
Everyone is sometimes faced with a situation where something doesn’t go as expected. Why not make a funny video out of this?
What is NFT Video Art
NFT images are made by all and sundry: artists, music performers, and even schoolchildren. But what about NFT videos?
What is Screen Recording
Screen recording has made life easier for thousands of users. Still, not everybody knows how and when to use this feature. Let’s come clear.
How to Cut Out Multiple Parts of Video
Some shots can spoil an interesting video, but fortunately, one can simply cut out an unnecessary fragment. Learn an easy way to do that with a few clicks!
How to Put Multiple Videos On One Screen
Having several videos side by side may seem like an advanced technique that requires professional editing tools. Not anymore with the help of our video editing tool!
What is Room Tone in Film and Why Use It
Sound can do a lot: tell a story, warn about danger, cheer up or frighten. But the main thing it does is that it immerses a person in the world of the creation where it’s used.