Guides on video, photo and audio editing

How to Share Private Videos with Family or Friends
Devotees of the old school still transfer data with the help of pen drives, especially if they need to share large files, such as videos. But modern times bring new ways!
How to Get More Views on YouTube
A successful YouTube channel is not an accident but the result of steady work on promotion and keeping the audience. But how to attract this audience, to begin with?
How to Make Twitter Videos Online
There are some rules to remember when uploading videos to Twitter. See what you need to know to upload your video without any hassle!
Best Valentine's Day Fonts for Your Romantic Video
Epistolary style is much less popular in our days of emails and short messages than it used to be. Saint Valentine’s day is a great occasion to drop into old habits for a while.
How to Add Video Vignette on Your Phone
A vignette has a very simple but still picturesque effect, making your video more artistic and eye-catching. Let’s see how to apply it.
8 Tips to Record Video on iPhone
iPhones are actively used for shooting videos, but why not maximize the full potential of your camera? Check out a few tips to make your iPhone video better.
How to Edit Videos on iPhone
We often shoot videos on our phones on the go; as a result, you might require editing for some of them. Find out how to do it right on your phone!
What is HEIC file and How to Open It
Apple users are familiar with HEIC files and have no problems opening them. Does it mean that Android or Windows users are deprived of such a convenient format? Not at all.
How to Speed Up Process of Video Editing
Video editing allows us to create high-quality videos, enjoying the process and the result, but sometimes you want to spend less time on it. Find out a few ways to edit faster!
Best Time to Post on TikTok and Other Social Media
Posting time influences your audience’s engagement and, hence, your brand recognition. Although there are some common trends, each social medium has its peculiarities.
How to Make TikTok POV Video
POV videos started as a cinematic technique but eventually carved their way into social media as well. Let’s have a look at how you can easily create it.
How to Make Photo Slideshow with Music
It’s simple to turn a photo archive on a computer into a colorful slideshow and make a gift to loved ones. Learn how to do it in two easy ways!
TikTok Slang: What Does POV and Their Ilk Mean
Every generation and subculture has its own slang and jargon. In the Internet era, there are tons of abbreviations and contractions on each popular platform.
Social Media Collaboration Explained
Businesses are always looking to find new ways to stand out from the competition and increase profits. And social media collaboration is one of them.
How to Make Influencer Videos Online
Content makers have many tools to help them create an influencer video. The less intricate or demanding the tool is, the better. And here is a tool to try out if you need to make a quick video.
How to Create Video Content Right in Your Browser
To create your own videos, it’s not at all necessary to bother with complex editors. Find out how to do it quickly and in one browser tab!
What is an Influencer and How Easy It is to Become One
Influencers and their activities are an interesting phenomenon that is evolving rapidly these days. What do they do and is it a career for everyone?
What is a Content Creator and Can You Become One
As the Internet continues to grow, many new professions appear, and one of the most demanding now is content creator.
How to Make TikTok Outfit Change
Outfit change looks like real magic or at least something that demands skills and experience. In fact, it’s much easier than it seems, you should only get to know several tips.
How to Reduce Video File Size in MP4 Compressor
Has it ever happened to you that your video file was too big to be sent via email or messenger or just took too much memory? Check out the MP4 compressor to help you solve the issue.
Best Book-to-Movie Adaptations
Lots of films are based on books, but what is better? Should we read the original or enjoy its visual incarnation? Sometimes both.
How to Post Your YouTube Video on Instagram
Having the same videos on different platforms is a norm now, but they may require some tweaking before posting. Check out how to do it fast!
How to Repurpose Content for Social Media
One effective way to use your outdated content is to give it a new purpose. Find out a few simple methods to do it!
How to Edit Videos on Windows Online
Have you ever dreamt of a professional but still free video editing tool that doesn't require downloading or registration? Consider this online video editing tool then.