Guides on video, photo and audio editing

How to Post Horizontal Videos on Instagram
Find out how you can easily use an online video editing tool to create a landscape video to post on Instagram.
What is Raw Footage and Why Use It
Find out more about the concept of raw footage and how it can be beneficial for videographers.
How to Make an Unboxing Video
Learn how to make an unboxing video from scratch and share your passion with the help of an online video editing tool.
Types of Microphones for Videography
Discover various types of microphones used for recording videos, including those specifically for YouTube, and enhance your content by choosing the right tool.
How to Upload Music to YouTube
To upload music to YouTube, combine audio with visuals and create a video. Learn how to do that online with the help of our video editing tool.
How to Post a 10-Minute Video on TikTok
TikTok now allows users to upload longer videos. Learn how to create and upload a 10-minute video on TikTok with ease.
How to Edit Videos on Chromebook
Everyone can be creative anytime, no matter what device they have at their disposal. Find out some of our favorite tools to edit videos on Chromebooks.
What is Automatic Translation
Automatic translation is transforming the way we consume content. Discover more about its functionality and some of the tools available for automatic translation.
How to Make a Movie Review
Are you a movie enthusiast looking to create better movie reviews? Discover how to craft a compelling review video using an online video editing tool.
What is CleanTok on TikTok
Explore CleanTok videos and learn how your passion for cleaning can make a positive impact on the world.
How to Freeze Frame Video Online
Learn how to easily add freeze frames to your videos without installing any software using our online video editor.
How Long Can TikToks Be
Find out the maximum length of TikTok videos in 2024 and determine the ideal length for your next post.
How to Make a Book Review Video
Learn how to create book review videos from scratch using an online video editing tool and improve your book review skills.
What is MoneyTok on TikTok
TikTok offers educational videos on various topics, including financial literacy. Check out one of the trends that can actually be very useful: MoneyTok.
How to Make a Review Video
Discover how to easily create review videos for anything you want using an online video editor. Record and edit your video in a single tool to captivate your audience.
What is Freeze Frame Effect
The freeze frame effect is a video editing technique that creates a still image by pausing action at a crucial moment. Discover how to use it in your videos.
How to Make YouTube Videos on Your Phone
Learn how to create YouTube videos using just your phone and edit them right away for YouTube in our online video editor.
How to Record Picture-in-Picture Video
Capture your screen and yourself simultaneously with our online screen recording tool to create a picture-in-picture video.
How to Replace Part of Audio and Keep Video
Our short and sweet guide will teach you how to easily replace a section of audio in your video without any software to install.
How to Replace Part of Video and Keep Audio
Our user-friendly guide will teach you how to replace part of your video footage without losing the audio. Follow our step-by-step instructions to learn how.
How to Edit Audio in Video Editor
Looking for an easy-to-use video and audio editor to edit your media files? Discover how to replace or modify audio tracks in your video using your browser only.
How to Change Duration of Multiple Images in a Slideshow
Are you looking for an online tool to create and edit photo slideshows? We have two online tools available for your next photo-video presentation.
How to Overlay GIFs on Videos
Add GIFs from the built-in library to your video or upload your own, then easily position and resize them in an online video editor.
How to Add Stickers to Videos
Find out how to easily add animated stickers to videos on any device right in your browser and enhance your video in just a few clicks.