How to compress a video for Instagram online

Oversized videos are being uploaded and downloaded for ages, moreover, quite often they don’t fit the social media specs.

The Instagram size system is quite complicated, every post type has its own specifications and restrictions. If you aren't sure what is the recommended size for your post-to-be, have a look at the complete guide.

For that, we offer you a tool that will compress your video for Instagram online which means that it doesn’t require any downloads. It’s supported by all modern browsers and devices.

Keep reading and follow three easy steps:

  1. Upload a video to compress

    Open Video Compressor by Clideo in any browser. Get sure that you have a stable internet connection because the compression speed completely depends on it. Click the big blue pane “Choose file” and import a video from your camera roll or PC/Mac.

    Upload a video to compress for Instagram

    To add a recording from Google Drive or Dropbox, call a drop-down menu on the right of the main button.

  2. Wait a little bit

    Wait while the tool is compressing video for Instagram

    Seriously – at this step, you have nothing to do but wait and have a nice cup of tea. The tool will make your video smaller for Instagram automatically.

  3. Save the compressed video

    As soon as your clip is processed, you’ll see the new video size and the compression percentage. It may easily reach 60-70% or even more.

    Download the video compressed for Instagram

    Save your new recording to cloud storage or download it to your personal device. If you are not happy with the result or want to process another video, click the arrow “Start over”.

We are regularly improving our tools to add new features or enhance your experience. Check our Help Center for the most recent instructions.