Guides on video, photo and audio editing

How to Turn Sideways Video Upright
Sometimes your clip may not play upright. Luckily you can always rotate a video that is sideways.
Museum Photography Tips
Visiting a museum? Prepare your camera and learn a few useful photography tips on how to shoot inside a museum.
What is Text-to-Speach (TTS) and Why Use It in Video
TTS, or text-to-speech, can be a program, application, software, inbuilt feature, or online tool that transfers a written text into a voiceover.
How to Convert Portrait Video to Landscape
Changing a video from portrait to landscape could be done in a matter of minutes right in the browser. No apps, no installations, no problems!
How to Add Background Music to Video Clip
Changing the audio track or adding background music to a video is actually quite simple and doesn’t take long.
Horizontal vs. Vertical Video: When to Use Each
It’s easy to make videos these days — you can just take your phone and start recording! But which orientation is better and why?
How to Turn Podcast into Video
You can not only listen to podcasts but also create a video podcast to cover a wider audience and make a greater impact. We have a simple tool to help you do that online!
What is a Shallowfake Video
You have probably already encountered shallowfakes without even knowing about this concept. Many harmless memes are technically considered to belong to them.
How to Make Background Blur for Vertical Video
Do you often shoot vertical videos? Then you might have encountered the problem that it does not look the best on a horizontal screen or player.
Portrait vs. Landscape Orientation Decision
The layout of the shot largely determines the composition. This applies to both landscape, or horizontal, and portrait, or vertical, images.
How to Easily Make Video Transitions
You might need smooth transitions between the tracks when mixing various media into one video. Sometimes a simple crossfade effect is enough.
What is Deepfake Video and Can You Spot It
Deepfakes are created to forge someone’s appearance and voice with the help of special algorithms. Can you spot them?
How to Create an Online Course
Knowledge transfer nowadays goes mainly online. And almost anyone can become a source of knowledge for other people. Why not create your own online course?
What is MOOC and Is It Worth It
These days you can obtain an academic degree or deepen your knowledge and get hands-on skills completely online with the help of numerous MOOCs.
How to Crossfade Songs Online
Create your own playlist online and add a simple yet usefull crossfade effect to blend songs together seamlessly.
What is Video Accessibility and Why You Need It
Creating accessible video content can not only remove barriers for people with disabilities but also expand the overall audience.
How to Add Automatic Captions to Course Videos
Video lectures often have captions or subtitles. It is possible to auto-generate captions from a video with the help of our online tool.
5 Best Online Video Courses Hosting Websites
More and more activities can be done online these days. You can even receive education, and here is a short list of our favorite platforms for distance learning.
Real Estate Photograpy Tips
High-quality pictures of houses and apartments offered for sale are always in demand in the real estate market. Have a look at some tips to make great property images.
How to Split Video into Equal Parts
If you have a long video that can become the source for several short ones, it is great to have an easy and online tool to split your video into parts.
How to Change Slow Motion Video to Normal Speed
Video speed is one of the characteristics that is often changed. You can speed up or slow down a video. And you can likewise convert a slow motion video to normal speed online.
How to Slow Mo Video on iPhone
It is possible to add a slow mo effect to the video that you already have on your iPhone. And this can easily be done online right in your browser.
Documentary Script Writing: First Steps
Professional video needs a script. What does a documentary script lookl like?
What is Documentary Film
Not every movie needs actors and intricate plots. Some exciting stories take place in real life too.