How to record screen and camera at the same time

Traditionally, you would need to run a third-party program to have your video on the screen and then somehow combine them together.

Not anymore! Clideo's Video Editor is not a separate screen and camera recorder. It's even better! With its help, you can record a video from your camera, your screen, or both, with or without sound. After that, you can edit your shooting right away and adjust it to the platform's specs where you're going to post it.

Our tool works online, so you can use it on laptops with Windows, Linux, or Macbooks. To avail of our service, you don't even have to log in or sign up (though registered users and Clideo Pro subscribers have more perks than guests).

Here we go!

  1. Open the tool

    To run a screen recorder with a webcam, open Video Editor and hit the “Get started” button.

    Video editor to record screen and webcam

    When you're transferred to the editing pane, go to the navigation sidebar and click the bottom option: "Record". If you do not see it, scroll down a bit.

    Record menu item to record screen and webcam
  2. Record your screen with a video in a corner

    Hit the “Screen & Camera” tile. If prompted, allow your browser access to your camera and microphone. Be aware that sometimes the access is blocked on the device level, so you'll have to enable it in local settings beforehand.

    Record screen and camera

    Your video, by default, will be recorded with audio. If you want to turn it off, click the" Settings" icon at the bottom right. You may also check which cam and mic are enabled here and change them if you wish.

    Screen and webcam settings

    When you're ready, hit the big red circle and choose what exactly you're going to record. Don't forget to tick the audio box at the bottom left if you need your screen recording with a system sound (for example, from your tab).

    Start screen and webcam recording

    While recording, you can pause the session or retake the video completely. Free users can record projects up to 15 minutes long, while for Clideo Pro subscribers, the limit is one hour.

    Record screen and webcam

    To stop the recording, click the middle button again. Then, rewatch it, change the project's title, and add it to uploads or the timeline. Whatever you choose, you'll be transferred back to the editing pane.

    Save screen and webcam recording
  3. Edit and save the project

    The screen recording and the webcam video will appear as two separate files. You can arrange them as you wish, change their size and position in the canvas, as well as change their characteristics, playback speed, and color palette if required.

    Edit screen and webcam recording

    As soon as you are ready, hit the "Export" button, choose the output resolution.

    Export screen and webcam recording

    Then preview the video once again and save the processed file to your device or cloud storage account.

    Download screen and webcam recording

If you would like to learn more about our all-in-one video editor options and features, you can find more information in our Help Center.