How to record audio from a computer for your video

Some might be working on a video for YouTube, or need to make their own dub of some content in a foreign language, launch an audio podcast, or write their own song. In any case, when users need some background sound to be added, they often wonder how to record an audio file of their own.

Usually, the sound is recorded as a separate file using a voice recorder or an app with such a function and then added to the video during editing. But wouldn't it be more convenient to make a recording that would immediately be a part of the video file?

If you're looking for such an audio recorder for PC, try our online editing tool! It works on Windows 10 and 11, as well as on Mac, and with it, you can make recordings not only on a laptop but also on a phone if you need to. Plus, it's very simple to do:

  1. Add video

    Open Clideo’s Online Video Editor and click "Get started".

    Video editor to record audio for video

    Click "Upload" to add the video you need from your device, Google Photos, Google Drive, and Dropbox storage.

    Video editor record menu

    Then, to start recording your audio, scroll down the navigation sidebar, click "Record", then "Audio".

    Select audio to record sound for video

    If prompted, allow your browser to access your microphone. In the recording pop-up window, you can switch to another microphone, if there's any, by clicking the "Settings" icon at the bottom right.

    Select microphone to record audio for video
  2. Record the sound

    Click the red circle to start a recording session. It will begin after a 3-second countdown.

    When you start recording, you can click the "Pause" button to the right to pause the recording, then click it again to continue. If you need to redo the recording, click the "Retake" button to the left. To stop and save the recording, click the "Stop" button in the middle.

    Record audio for video

    In the next pop-up window, you can rename the audio file, redo it, and add it straight to your project timeline or "Uploads".

    Audio recording for video

    Once the recording is on the timeline, you can adjust its volume level and add a fade in our out effect. You can also edit the video by clicking it on the timeline and adjusting the available options.

    Edit video with recorded audio

    When you finish editing, click "Export" at the top right and choose your preferred option.

    Export video with recorded audio
  3. Save the video

    After the file is processed, you can preview the final result again. If you like how it looks and sounds, click "Download" to save it to your device or cloud storage.

    Save video with recorded audio

If you would like to learn more about our all-in-one video editor options and features, you can find more information in our Help Center.