How to record myself on a Mac or PC

Not anymore! Now you can record your PC camera and mic online without bothering yourself with reading lengthy manuals or installing additional devices, like an external webcam, etc.

Clideo's ultimate video editor has just gained new functionality. Now, this tool allows users to record a video with a webcam and edit it immediately without switching to other apps or software tools. Alternatively, you can just save it to your device.

Clideo service works online, so it's equally compatible with Windows or MacOS. Free users can record up to 15 minutes for free, but if you subscribe to Clideo Pro, this limit increases fourfold.

Let's see how you can record yourself online in three short steps.

  1. Open the tool’s page

    Go to the Clideo’s all-in-one Video Editor and hit the “Get started” button.

    Video editor to record video on PC

    As soon as you are transferred to the editing pane, hit the "Record" sign in the left part of the screen and get ready to shoot yourself (make sure you look nice and happy 🙂)

    Record menu item to record webcam video
  2. Record a video

    Choose the "Camera" tile and allow your browser to access your PC camera and microphone if prompted. Sometimes, the access is blocked on a device level, then you'll also have to enable it in "local" settings.

    Record video on PC or Mac

    Before hitting the big red circle, open the settings at the bottom right and select the preferred mic and camera if you have several. You can also turn the sound off altogether.

    Webcam video recording settings

    Then hit the red circle, and after a 3-second countdown, your recording session will start. If you don't like your first try, you can always retake the video or take a pause, have some rest, and then continue.

    Start webcam video recording

    If everything is fine, hit the "Stop" button in the middle.

    Webcam video recording
  3. Edit and save your webcam video

    Now, you can rename your recording and either add it to the uploads or import it to the timeline.

    Save webcam video recording

    Whatever you choose, the video will be added to the Editor, where you can keep working on it: change its aspect ratio, color scheme, orientation, playback speed, etc. You may also use it as a part of a bigger project. You can also just drag the recording to the timeline (if it isn't there yet) and hit the "Export" button.

    Export webcam video

    Choose an output resolution or loop your video in an endless GIF if its duration doesn't exceed 30 seconds. Hit "Continue", and when the file is processed, save it to your device, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

    Download webcam video

You can discover more information about online Video Editor in our Help Center.