How to make a Tumblr GIF

The "shtick" of this social network is visual content and design, and aesthetically pleasing gifsets have gained particular popularity.

It may seem that making such posts is simple because you just need to collect a set of GIFs and post them together, but it might not be as easy as it seems. You need to maintain gifset dimensions that are appropriate for Tumblr, GIFs' width and height, and also make sure that the file does not exceed the limit because, on the platform, the maximum size of a GIF is 10 MB. Have a look at some other specs for Tumblr.

Want to upload a GIF to Tumblr and are looking for a suitable GIF maker? Our online tool will help you out! With it, you can make visual changes to already existing GIFs as well as make your own ones out of videos or images. Using it is also easy:

  1. Add media files

    Open Clideo’s Online Video Editor and click "Get started".

    Video editor to make GIFs for Tumblr

    Click "Upload" to add media files you need. You can add them from your device, Google Photos, Google Drive, and Dropbox storage. You can also use files from built-in libraries if they suit your creative vision.

    Upload files to make GIFs for Tumblr
  2. Edit the GIF

    Set the canvas to have the aspect ratio you need. If you are going to create a gifset, make it vertical, for example, 9:16.

    Change canvas to make GIFs for Tumblr

    The files will be on the timeline immediately after uploading. Place them on different lines in the timeline so that they play simultaneously, then manually resize GIFs in the player and place them in the right positions. To create a GIF your project should not be longer than 30 seconds or even less – gifsets on Tumblr usually include some highlights from their source instead of longer scenes. To trim the file, drag its yellow sidebars in the timeline or use "Split" at the start and end points of the fragment you need, then delete the excess.

    Cut and layout files to make GIFs for Tumblr

    There are also options to adjust other settings, like speed, color, etc.

    Adjust files to make GIFs for Tumblr

    If you want to add captions or some quotes, click any preset from the "Text" tab, then customize the wording, font, color, size, and so on.

    Add text to GIFs for Tumblr

    When you finish editing, click "Export" at the top right and choose the "GIF" option. Your final GIF will be 480px wide, so it should be fine for Tumblr.

    Make GIFs for Tumblr
  3. Save the GIF

    After the file is processed, you can see the final result. Check that the file size is less than 10MB; if not, you can click "Edit" and shorten the clips. If you like how it looks, click "Download" to save it to your device or cloud storage.

    Save GIF for Tumblr

If you would are interested in getting more information about our all-in-one video editor options and features, you can refer to our Help Center.