What is Tumblr

Even though this resource is not as popular as FaceBook or Instagram, it still has its niche and devoted fans.

What makes Tumblr special is its "coziness" and friendly atmosphere. First of all, 90% of the content is visual, without long philosophical treatises, so there is no space for opinion clashes. Secondly, the major part of it is "reblogged" and not original. Also, users usually see only the posts they deliberately chose to follow, so there is no reason for negative feelings.

Tumblr blogger

Types of Tumblr media content

Tumblr videos:

  • Format: MP4 or MOV
  • Posting limit: 20 per day or 60 minutes as a total timing
  • Length: 10 minutes max
  • Size: 500 MB

Tumblr GIFs:

  • Size: 10 MB max, preferably less
  • Recommended size: 3 MB
  • Dimensions: 540px wide max, preferably less

When it comes to the Tumblr GIF size limit, here is an important nuance. Even though you can create or upload GIFs up to 10 MB each, if their size exceeds 3 MB, they will be compressed and may lose some quality.

Also, Tumblr features a unique post type: gifsets. Gifset dimensions depend on their arrangement on the screen. There are two basic rules to keep in mind:

  1. You can post up to 10 GIFs in one entry.
  2. GIFs in one row should have the same dimensions.

In the modern dynamic world, GIF is one of the best content types, as users often scroll their in-feeds while in transport or other public places. They can't plunge into profound texts or turn on a sound to watch a video. GIF with a short caption transmits a message in a brief and non-intrusive way.

Upload a GIF to Tumblr on phone

How to upload a GIF on Tumblr

This platform has made GIFs its characteristic feature, so no wonder there are several ways to create or upload them.

Tumblr app

The sweeping majority of Tumblr microbloggers are younger than 35 years, and they are active smartphone users.

Both the app and the browser versions allow users to avail of an extensive GIF library while creating a post. But via the app, you can add or create your own GIF using the videos and photo bursts in your camera roll.

Video editing software

Such programs as Photoshop allow turning images or videos into GIFs. Be aware that to use such software, you usually need a license. Also, professional graphic designers often use this kind of video editor, so it's quite complicated and may require a long learning curve.

Online services

Online video editing services work in a browser, so they don't cause any compatibility issues. They also store data in the cloud and don't exhaust your device's memory. Also, online tools are usually user-friendly and don't require lengthy manuals.


What is Tumblr used for

Tumblr is a microblogging platform with mostly visual content. The majority of users reblog other posts, that's why videos, pictures, and GIFs may go viral fast.

How to make a GIF for Tumblr

You can create a GIF via the Tumblr app. If you need to create a more sophisticated GIF with more editing options, you might need some professional software, like Photoshop. The easiest way is to use online services that allow the creation of GIFs.

What is Tumblr GIF size limit

10MB but with a quality loss. The recommended limit is 3-5MB with a maximum width of 540px.