How to change video files into audio files

Without the right software, separating visuals from sound may be complicated and tiresome. Professional solutions are usually expensive and complicated, but we have just the right tool for you.

With the help of Clideo's video-to-sound converter, you can extract the needed track in several clicks at no cost at all. The service works in a browser and doesn't overcharge your device's memory. As it's an online converter, it's fully compatible with all the operating systems possible. You can turn video to audio on your iPhone, Android smartphone, PC, Macbook, and whatever else. Just make sure the gadget has a fast and stable Internet connection.

We've designed our tool to be as simple as possible. But just in case you need a manual, here it is.

  1. Upload the clip to the tool

    Open the Audio Cutter in any browser and upload the visual from your device, Google Drive, Google Photos, or Dropbox. It may be a video in any format.

    Upload file to change video to audio
  2. Turn video into audio

    You don't have to do anything: As soon as the file is uploaded, you will be transferred to the editing pane, where you'll find just a soundtrack without any footage.

    Change video to audio

    Check if the "Extract Selected" option is checked. Then adjust the yellow handles to determine the piece you need or enter the time stamps in the pane to the right. If you need the whole track make sure you have at least 0.01 sec indentation from any side, otherwise, you will not be able to save your project.

    You can also add "Fade in" or "Fade out" effects to make the sound change its volume gradually at the beginning or at the end of the track.

    The default format is MP3, but you can change it below the player to any you need.

    Change format for audio from video

    When you're fully done, hit the "Export" button and get ready to download sound from the video.

  3. Save the project

    Give the track the final run to make sure you like what you get. If so, save it to your device or cloud storage account. If not, return to editing and keep working.

    Download sound from video

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