How to add cursing beep noise to a video

Swearing is very common – it can be used as a humorous means to lighten the mood, quoting someone, and besides, one can blurt out curse words without thinking when discussing a controversial or hot topic. However, when posting videos with such content on the Internet, it is worth considering censoring them.

The reasons for censoring videos can differ, whether it is the rules of the video hosting platform or when such content is broadcasted on TV or channels aimed at viewers of all ages. In any case, when it's needed, cursing is usually censored using a beep noise.

If you also need to use some beeping in your video, try our editing tool! With it, you can easily place sound effects on top of your clip or even turn the sound off at specific moments. The process is pretty simple:

  1. Add files

    Open Clideo’s online Video Editor and click "Get started".

     Video editor to bleep out words in a video

    Click "Upload" to add your video. You can pick it from the device, Google Drive, Google Photos, or Dropbox.

     Upload file to bleep out words in a video

    If you have a censoring sound effect, add it with the video, or you can use audio from the built-in library in the editor. To do so, open the "Audio" tab on the left and choose "SFX" to the right of the search bar. Then, click the far right drop-down arrow to apply suitable filters and type in what you need, e.g., "bleep sound effect", "censor", or "meow" and the like if you want to stand out or it suits your format.

    Search for bleep sound effect
  2. Add beeping

    To add a sound effect, place the playhead on the specific time point and simply click on the effect name in the list. If you want to use this effect multiple times, you can copy and paste it, then drag it to the needed time point. Note that if the track is very short, it's better to zoom in on the timeline using + for easier placement.

    Bleep out words in a video

    If it is necessary to mute the unwanted part in the video just in case, use the "Split" option to separate that piece, click it and adjust the audio volume for this part only.

    Mute part of video with bleep sound effect

    You can also crop and trim videos or apply other settings to make visual changes.

    Edit video with bleep sound effect

    If you want to add some text, choose any preset from the "Text" tab, then write captions and customize font, color, size, etc.

    Add text to video with bleep sound effect

    When you finish editing, click "Export" and choose your preferred option.

    Export video with bleep sound effect
  3. Save the video

    Watch the preview to see if you like the result. To add more changes, click "Edit", and if everything is good, click "Download" to save the video to your device or cloud storage.

    Save video with bleep sound effect

You can always find the latest information about all video editor options in our Help Center.