How to overlay text on a video for YouTube

When you make a YouTube video, the "full-size" or for Shorts, you can superimpose text on it right after. There is a special built-in tool for that, YouTube Studio Editor, where you can add subtitles, as well as see statistics, keep track of comments, and monetize your channel.

Making no question of the necessity of subtitles, you might need just some meaningful and nice looking captions over your video and we would like to suggest an alternative way of their creation.

Clideo's ultimate all-in-one video editor also has various functions. Besides creating captions, it also allows you to change the video's orientation, combine it with other visuals and audio, select a crop option, rotate the frame, alter the color scheme, and edit your project in many other ways.

This service works online, so you don't have to overcharge your device's memory or sort out lengthy and complicated manuals. The tool is user-friendly and intuitively comprehensive, but just in case you need any help, here it is.

  1. Upload a video to the tool

    Open Clideo's Video Editor in any browser and hit the "Get started" button.

    Video editor to add text to YouTube video or Shorts

    As soon as you're transferred to the editing pane, you can upload your visual from your device, Google Drive, Google Photos, Dropbox, or our free library with videos, images, and audio.

    Upload file to add text to YouTube video or Shorts
  2. Add captions

    You will find your video in the timeline and you can also play it in the preview. Make necessary adjustments to the video if needed.

    File to add text to YouTube video or Shorts

    Go to the "Text" tab and choose the text formatting preset that matches your project style. You can always edit the preset the way you like.

    Select preset to add text to YouTube video or Shorts

    Click the text block in the timeline or preview screen to open its settings and change the font, color, alignment, and other parameters. Use the yellow handles to expand or shrink the block to adjust its length in the video. You can add as many text presets as you need.

    Add text to YouTube video or Shorts
  3. Save the project

    When you are done and happy, hit the "Export" button in the top right corner and choose the output quality.

    Export YouTube video or Shorts with text

    The best options are for Clideo Pro subscribers only. Moreover, the subscription will remove the small watermark. When the project is processed, give it the final run to ensure nothing more can be done, and save it to your personal device or cloud storage accounts.

    Save YouTube video or Shorts with text

If you would like to learn more about our all-in-one video editor options and features, you can find more information in our Help Center.