What is a YouTube video title

Each YouTube video has a thumbnail and a title, and both play a crucial role in the video's popularity, discoverability, and overall performance. The former is a subject for another article, let's talk about the latter.

YouTube titles should meet some basic specs: they shouldn't exceed 100 characters and contain hate speech. Basically, that's enough from a technical point of view, but a good title requires a little more effort.

YouTube titles

Why do you need good YouTube titles

A book is often judged by its cover. When someone is looking for information on YouTube, it's the title they will evaluate to decide whether your video fits their needs. A nice title should follow three simple rules.

  1. Accuracy. If it doesn't describe the actual content of the recording, the viewer will be disappointed and will never return to your channel.
  2. Сonciseness. We have already answered the question "How long should a YouTube title be?" but try to make it even shorter, about 60 characters or less. The rest may well be truncated and not seen by a viewer.
  3. Simplicity. Emojis, cAmEl CaSe, and CAPSLOCK make your project look highly unprofessional.

The same rules apply to YouTube shorts titles.

Considering all the above mentioned, you can make your title more searchable (let it contain a brief and exact description of the content) or intriguing. The former will help to gain new followers, the latter – to retain and engage old ones.

How to write a compelling video title

Here is a short list of possible hints and techniques which will help boost your video.

Speak the same language as your audience does

Find your niche and use the relevant slang expressions and jargon. Not only will you show your belonging to this group, but you'll also stand out from the pack of rivals, and your potential followers will find your channel more easily.

For example: "5 ways to search for bugs more effectively" (for QA specialists).

Use keywords

That's how users and search machines find your video. Make sure your keywords have low competition and high search volume.

Use numbers

Numbers are informative and short, so you can kill two birds with a stone. Also, while viewers can ignore words, they can't help noticing numerals.

For example: "25 reasons to ride a bike".

YouTube video titles

Play on heartstrings

Use emotionally charged words, but avoid clickbaits.

For example: "The easiest way to write a novel", "Touching moment: a mummy hedgehog with her hoglets".

Make sure the title matches the thumbnail

Consistency is essential, otherwise, viewers will be confused. Add the captions with the title on the thumbnail, for example, with the help of an online video editor.

Use titles templates

For example, educational videos tend to be titled like "How to…", and that's what users will be looking for.

For example: "How to clean your house in 15 minutes".

Don’t underestimate analytics

Apply trial and error methods, try different types of titles, and use YouTube analytics tools to check which ones work best.

Video titles analytics


Let’s summarize.

Why is a good YouTube video title important?

Because it's the main parameter according to which potential viewers may find your video and add it to their watching lists.

How to create an effective YouTube video title?

Make sure it's short, precise, and intriguing. You can also use numerals, templates like "how to" and other techniques.

Can I change YouTube video titles?

Of course, you can. If the video doesn't gain as many likes and views as it deserves, try changing the title, following our hints, and see if it helps.


When it comes to competition for views, everything matters: content, thumbnails, time of posting, and, of course, titles. Several proven techniques can help you gain more followers. Still, practice is the only way to find your unique style and understand your audience's needs.