How to edit an audio track of your video

Even though there are situations when you can't turn sound on and have to get along with subtitles, audio track is still crucial for the correct perception of the project. Clideo has a range of "niche" tools for tackling only one aspect of an audio clip: cutting it, extracting music from a video, merging several files into one track, etc.

However, our video audio editor may be a better solution: with its help, you can edit your project on all fronts. Here, you can record and change videos, use free stock libraries with different visuals, tracks, GIFs, and stickers, add subtitles, and change the project's aspect ratio, color scheme, playback speed, and other parameters.

No need to mention, as all other Clideo tools, this one also works online, and you can rub it from any device with a stable Internet connection. As always, Clideo Pro subscribers have some bonuses and perks, but free users can also enjoy the full functionality with minor limits.

So, how do you edit video and audio in one tool? Let's divide a process into simple, basic steps.

  1. Open the editing pane

    Open the Video Editor homepage and hit the "Get started" button to open the editing pane. Now you can upload an audio file from your storage, avail of our sound stock library, or scroll down the "Record" button on the navigation bar and record a voiceover from scratch.

    Video audio editor
  2. Edit the sound

    You can perform the following operations:

    Adjust the volume

    Click the file on the timeline to open its settings pane and change the volume or mute it completely. You can also add "fade in" and "fade out" effects.

    Edit audio track volume

    Change the speed

    If you uploaded a video with sound, you can speed it up or slow it down in the "Speed" tab. The sound's speed will change accordingly.

    Edit audio speed in video

    Combine it with other sounds

    You can select sound effects from our library or music on other tracks and run them simultaneously.

    Add music to edit audio

    Separate audio from your video

    Also, you can extract the audio from the video. Just open the "Audio" tab and hit the "Extract audio" button. The soundtrack will appear in the editor as a separate track.

    Separate audio from video

    Edit or replace the extracted audio or its segments

    Now, you can trim it, delete it entirely and replace it with another track, delete a part of it, and combine an old track with a new one.

    Edit audio replace clip

    Trim or cut the audio

    You can also trim or cut the audio track using its yellow handles in the timeline, or enter the exact time codes in the "Timing" tab.

    Trim audio

    Sync audio with video

    You can also use the "Extract" option to fix sound lagging. If you have a video where the sound is not synchronized with shooting, extract audio from our video as described earlier and drag them in the timeline until they match each other.

    Our editor is constantly evolving, so new functions may appear at any moment. Don't hesitate to try out any button you see. In case anything goes wrong, you can easily undo it with the help of hot keys "Ctrl + Z" or a little left-faced arrow above the editing canvas.

  3. Save the result

    After all the manipulations, when you feel you've reached your aim, hit the "Export" button, select the output resolution, and process the project.

    Export video with edited audio

    Be aware that the output will be an MP4 video file, so if you processed only audio, it will be a clip with a black background.

    Finally, save the project to your device or cloud storage account.

    Save edited video audio

If you need the latest details about our all-in-one video editor features, you can find more information in our Help Center.