How to video record on PC with picture-in-picture

We have already described how to make a picture within a picture video. But the time has passed, and now we have an even better solution!

YouTube picture-in-picture (pip) videos gain lots of likes and views as they provide useful information. This format is perfect for different tutorials, gaming videos, and online lessons. While the "talking head" in the corner explains the theory, the "main screen" demonstrates the practical examples.

Now, when the question "What is picture in picture" is off the table, let's go on to the technical details. The tool we are talking about is an ultimate all-in-one video editor, which allows you to create a project from scratch. All you need is a webcam and a stable Internet connection. Technically, this tool can replace a full-scale audio and visual recording studio.

The tool works online and doesn't require any drivers or utilities. It is equally efficient on all devices regardless of the operating system. The interface is as user-friendly as possible with such an extended functionality, but a little manual will do no harm.

So, how to put videos together in three steps?

  1. Record videos simultaneously

    Open the Online Camera Recorder and hit the "Get started" button.

    Video editor to record picture in picture video

    On the left side, find the toolbar and scroll down to the "Record" option. Here, select the "Screen & Camera" option.

    Record picture in picture video

    Allow all the accesses, if prompted, check your microphone and camera connection, and click the big red button.

    Start to record picture-in-picture-video

    Then pick up what you want to share: a browser tab, a window, or an entire screen.

    Select tab to record picture-in-picture video

    When the recording is ready, stop it, change its title, and add it to the Editor's timeline.

    Add picture-in-picture video to project

    The "main" and "corner" videos will be placed on two different tracks, so you can edit them separately.

    Picture-in-picture video
  2. Edit the videos

    First, open the "Canvas" tab and set up the overall aspect ratio and background color if needed. This way, you will always see how to edit separate files and what they would look like in different orientations.

    Change canvas for video with picture in picture

    Click on the visual to open its editing tab. You can change the video's orientation, color scheme, playback speed, audio volume, and other parameters. Go to the editing canvas, if you want, and by dragging a corner change the videos' size and correlation.

    Edit picture-in-picture clips

    You can also add other visuals from your resources or our stock libraries, subtitles, stickers, and audio tracks.

    The tool provides more and more functionalities every day, so don't hesitate to try them out. If you want to undo the last action, just press hotkeys "ctrl + z" or a tiny left-faced arrow on the right.

  3. Save the project

    When you're sure you like what you see, hit the "Export" button and set up the output resolution. Mind that the best options are available for Clideo Pro subscribers only.

    Export video with picture in picture

    Then, just give the video the final run and either save it to the chosen location or return to editing.

    Save video with picture in picture

If you need the latest and most recent information on how this or that feature works, do not hesitate to refer to our Help Center for Video Editor.