MoneyTok explained

MoneyTok, also known as FinTok, is a subcategory of TikTok that is entirely devoted to financial issues.

Started as an entertaining portal for lip-synch videos and short dances, TikTok has evolved into an educational resource with experts sharing their experiences and giving advice. We have already written about one of such subcategories, BookTok. Now's the time to take a closer look at other TikTok communities.

Financial literacy is an acute problem, as this highly practical subject is not taught at schools, and we still have to face money-related issues daily. No wonder #moneytok tagged videos have already gained over 11 billion views.

Moneytok financial literacy tips on TikTok

Types of MoneyTok videos

TikTok financial influencers — so-called finfluencers — explain various topics. Among others:

  • Personal finance and family budgeting
  • Investments
  • Retirement savings
  • Financial terminology
  • Mortgage and credits
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Taxes
  • Miscellaneous financial tips

Finances are boring and complicated, with many rules to follow and even more exceptions. That's why TikTok videos are probably the best format for explaining this subject.

Being limited to several minutes, TikTokers have zero chance to deviate from the topic or explore it deeper than necessary. These recordings are short, concise, transparent, and usually highly creative. Finfluencers use all the means to pack each video with information: stickers, captions, and various video editing tools and methods.

Moneytok personal finance tips on TikTok

How to use MoneyTok effectively

First and foremost, it's crucial not to take everything at face value. Not every TikToker is a real expert, and the number of followers doesn't prove their experience or expertise. That's why TikTok has launched the #FactCheckYourFeed campaign and insists on fact-checking and thinking critically.

Then, it's important to remember that even if proven true, not all financial tips fit everybody. Only you know your circumstances and possibilities, so don't rush into risky ventures without weighing all the pros and cons.

Another point to consider is that financial laws and tax schemes differ in different countries. Make sure the tip you want to apply is legal and effective in your state.

Last but not least, some finfluencers became popular by promoting "get rich quick" schemes. Think twice before implementing any of them, as the risks are high and profit is uncertain.

Moneytok financial tips on TikTok


What is #moneytok

#moneytok, #fintok, and #stocktok are hashtags for the financial community of TikTok. These videos teach viewers basic financial literacy, explain financial terminology and jargon, and give financial advice.

What are MoneyTok influencers?

MoneyTok influencers are also called finfluencers. They are experts in finances and ready to share their knowledge and experience with the audience.

Some of the best-known finfluencers are Matt Gresia, Humphrey Yang, Laura Pomfret, and David Poku.

Can I trust MoneyTok financial tips?

Not 100%, as the platform doesn't verify its experts, so some videos may be misleading. It's your responsibility to fact-check and think twice before taking any financial advice in good faith.


TikTok has overgrown its initial format of funny, entertaining videos for children and teenagers. Now, it's an educational platform with lots of communities, such as BookTok, MoneyTok, DIY TikTok, and others. You can easily become a part of any of them or even start your own!