What is the CleanTok phenomenon

If you're a TikTok user, at some point, you might have thought that everyone has suddenly become obsessed with cleaning. Various videos with cleaning processes, organizing products, towel folding hacks, etc. — the CleanTok trend has quickly and firmly fit into the popular ones. But where did it come from?

As is often the case with modern visual content, CleanTok did not appear spontaneously: the roots of this trend go back to YouTube. Around the mid-2010s, bloggers on the platform began to massively produce videos with cleaning life hacks and vlogs inviting specialists to organize space in their homes.

So why did the trend only become popular recently? The answer is simple — the rise of TikTok began during the pandemic. The new way of life dictated by the rule of social distance and the ban on public events has affected the content and interests of the audience.

Back in May 2020, user @savannah_posey98 posted a video of cleaning the bathroom, which, to her own surprise, popped up in the recommendations page, collected 3 million views and became one of CleanTok's founding videos.

TikTok cleaning hacks

Types of CleanTok content

One of the main features of popular cleaning videos is how satisfying they are. Many people enjoy watching something dirty or just frequently used become squeaky clean, especially when TikTok cleaners make the shooting process more visually appealing with quick cuts in the right places.

CleanTok also has a big ASMR appeal. The sounds of wiping glass, washing floors and surfaces, the noise of granular products and the hissing of chemical reactions — all of this pleasantly scratches the itch in the brain.

Cleaning hacks are also popular on TikTok. Sometimes, you want not only to look at the cleaning process but also to learn how to do it quickly yourself, and this section is ideal for such users. Creators share ideas and tips on how to make cleaning easier, advertise and show how cleaning products work and when to use them, etc.

CleanTok cleaning hashtags

As often happens with TikTok, the trend of using cleaning products would have to go to the extreme at some point, and the hashtag #toiletoverload is a perfect example. The creators of such videos pour, fill, and throw dozens of cleaning products of different colors into the toilet until there is no more space to make an "interesting" "-looking solution. Of course, this is just for fun and is not a part of the normal cleaning process.

Tips for creating CleanTok content

If you want to create and share cleaning videos too, here are some tips:

  • Decide on the format for your content. This could be time-lapse videos of cleaning, reviews of cleaning products, tips for organizing your home, etc.
  • Use cleaning-related hashtags to make your content discoverable. For example, #cleaningroutine, #cleaninghacks, #homeorganization.
  • Develop your unique filming, video editing, and presentation style to capture your audience's attention and make the viewers instantly recognize it.
  • Your videos can include more than just cleaning. Share routines, lifehacks, and tips for organizing home space.
  • Include a before-and-after comparison element in your videos. This can be visually satisfying and inspiring for viewers.
  • Add music or sounds to create the atmosphere of your videos. Sound can play a key role in attracting attention on platforms like TikTok.
CleanTok TikTok cleaners


What is #cleantok?

This hashtag is used to tag content related to cleaning: tips and hacks to make the process easier, demonstrations of using or organizing cleaning products, or simply the process of cleaning.

What are the characteristics of CleanTok content?

One of the main features is the ASMR component, which includes the sounds of opening boxes and bottles, cleaning objects and space with special tools. The visual part is dominated by the presence of products sorted into containers. Often, there's a pleasant combination of colors, as well as a streamlined process without unnecessary pauses./p>

Who are some famous CleanTok influencers?

On Lori's page @nowitsclean you can not only see the cleaning process but also get useful tips on cleaning and more. For a deep and thorough cleaning process, the page with the self-explanatory name @thep00lguy will be a good choice. And if you're an ASMR fan, don't miss the opportunity to check out @discelebs.


Cleaning and organizing your space is a great idea, especially if you streamline and simplify the process, and watching CleanTok videos can help you come up with a routine that's perfect for your lifestyle and the time you have.

However, it is worth remembering that not everything you see can and should be replicated. Make sure that cleaning does not turn into an obsession and that the products you use do not cause allergies or other negative reactions.