How to review a book

Even though video content is king, people never really stopped reading. Even better, now bookworms don't write a book review, they record a book talk video. This way, they can not only express their opinion but also demonstrate the printed edition of the book, create atmospheric settings, and embellish their recordings with stickers and other elements.

Lots of social media have book readers' segments and communities, such as BookTok, Bookstagram, BookTube, and so on. Each of them has its specification and "character". For example, Bookstagram is all about aesthetic and visual impeccability, while BookTok consists of short, witty videos with funny captions. BookTube, probably, is the best platform for detailed and profound book reviews and summaries, as this resource allows creating lengthy videos, and its audience has a relatively long attention span.

Clideo's all-in-one video editor is a perfect tool for creating any type of theme visual, including a book critique template or a full-scale book review. This tool has all the functionality for video and audio editing, you can work simultaneously on several tracks, add as many files as you need, and change them separately or as a whole project.

The tool has several ibuilt-instock libraries that you can avail of. As with all other Clideo services, this one also works online without any compatibility issues, one less headache to worry about.

The Editor is relatively easy to use, but so many functions and features can't be as simple as a calculator. So, let's have a look at a brief manual.

  1. Start a new project

    Open our Video Editor in any browser and hit the "Get started" button to open the editing panel.

    Video editor to make a book review video

    Now, you can import visuals and audio tracks from any sources you need: your device, cloud storage accounts, or our free stock libraries that you can find inside the editor. You can also record them from scratch without leaving the tool.

    Record book review

    If you upload up to 10 files, they will be placed on separate timeline tracks automatically. If your project has more "ingredients", they'll appear in the "Uploads" tab, and you'll have to drag them to the timeline manually.

    Create book review video
  2. Create your book review video

    Now only you know what exactly you want to create! Our tool is capable of performing many tasks.

    Change the project's aspect ratio and background color to fit your video to the social media platform you will use for posting.

    Change book review video size

    Combine several visuals to have as much information on one screen as you need.

    Edit book review video

    Cut the visuals and change their duration to remove the moments you do not need.

    Split book review video into parts

    Change the playback speed to fast forward or slow down some part of your video.

    Change book review video speed

    Extract audio from a video to remove or mute some parts of it without affecting the video.

    Extract audio from book review video

    Add various stickers or GIFs to make a fancier video.

    Add stickers to book review video

    Change the visual's orientation and color scheme to highlight specific moments.

    Edit book review video color

    Add and set up captions to add additional comments.

    Add text to book review video

    These are just the basic functions, so don't hesitate to try out every button you see. Don't worry, you can always undo the last action by pressing the "Ctrl + z" hotkeys or the left-faced arrow at the top right of the screen.

  3. Save the project

    When your creative urge is over, and you get what you want, hit the "Export" button and choose the output resolution. The best options are available for Clideo Pro subscribers only, but two basic ones are open to everyone.

    Export book review video

    Give the video the final run to make sure no corrections are needed, and save it wherever you want.

    Download book review video

You can find the latest instructions for all the editor options and features in our Help Center.