BookTube definition

BookTube is quite an impressive segment of YouTube with vlogs on books. As this subculture is getting increasingly popular, there are also BookTok, Bookstagram, and other social media phenomena of this type.

BookTube channels may be very different. Here is just a sample list of their types:

  • Book reviews;
  • Interviews with authors;
  • Haul videos: the hosts (called BookTubers) boast of their recent purchases;
  • Discussions on the book-related topics;
  • Bookshelf tours: the hosts show what they have on their bookshelves and describe each book;
  • Reading aloud (be aware of copyright though);

Not even mentioning niche channels, where the host can, for example, cook while discussing books, etc.

There are also various BookTube reading challenges: ranging from "A book you'd never read" to "A book you chose because of the cover".

BookTubers tend to be fanfic writers, so many challenges are connected with it.

BookTube channels about books

How to start a BookTube channel

If you feel like starting your BookTube channel, keep in mind that competition is high, so you have to stand out to be noticed and gain followers. Think of the following:

  1. Your niche. What will be unique about your channel? What can you offer your viewers?
  2. Your brand awareness. Make sure you have your name, logo, and style.
  3. Equipment. To become a popular BookTuber, you don't have to purchase costly professional hardware. A usual smartphone with an external mic will come in handy. But make sure the quality of your videos is good enough, the sound is clear, and the image is not shaking.
  4. Editing software. Again, you don't necessarily need expensive programs, as there are a lot of free online video editing services.
  5. Promotion. To make your channel more popular, you can run challenges and competitions, invite "guest" BookTubers, and interact with your viewers in the comments.

A hint! Post new videos regularly, no less than at least a couple of recordings a week. Don't forget to take notes while reading, otherwise, you can forget something interesting or important.

Starting vlog on books

BookTubers who inspire

As mentioned above, there are surprisingly many BookTubers. Christine Riccio (PolandBananasBooks) is considered a pioneer of BookTube. Now her channel has more than 400K subscribers, and she's been prospering for over 10 years.

Of course, there are other great book vloggers we love: Jack Edwards, Jessethereader, PeruseProject, and you can find many more.

As you see, the development of the Internet has not "canceled" books: readers have created their own Internet community, and you can become a part of it!