How to make YouTube videos using your phone

Filming YouTube videos with iPhone or Android phones has become increasingly popular as often the result is on par with videos filmed using dedicated cameras. They can produce high-quality content, making mobile videos is a practical and accessible choice for many creators. Plus, as technology advances, smartphone videography will likely remain a competitive option in the content creation landscape.

However, not many creators upload videos to YouTube from iPhones or other phones right after filming as they require editing beforehand. Native iPhone and Android apps provide some options, but the average user would often prefer to use a PC to access a bigger variety of editing features.

Fortunately, you can find something similar for smartphones, even without downloading anything — just try our editing tool! It works online, so all you need is internet access and the files you need on your phone, and you're good to go. Moreover, it's very easy to operate:

  1. Add files

    Open Clideo’s Online Video Editor and tap "Get started".

    Editor to make YouTube video on phone

    Then tap the timeline area to import your files from your device. Import from online cloud storage is also possible.

    Add files to make YouTube video on phone

    If you plan to use some cutaways or visual gags, you can also use the built-in media libraries to look for suitable audio, images, videos, and other elements.

  2. Edit the video

    Firstly, make sure the aspect ratio adheres to the platform where you'll post the video – for YouTube, it's 16:9. You can change it in the "Canvas" tab if you don't know the exact ratio of your video. There, you can also change the background color if it's visible.

    Change canvas to make YouTube video on phone

    To trim the unneeded parts of the video, select the video, drag the playhead where you need to cut it, tap "Split" at the bottom, and repeat at every point in the video where it's required. Then, select these segments, scroll the bottom bar to the right until you see "Delete" and tap it. You can also adjust colors, apply blur, transparency, or other various options to change the look of the video. To do so, simply select a file in the timeline and apply the required setting from the tab bar below. You can also manually select any visual fragment in the preview window and adjust its position or make it smaller.

    Make YouTube video on phone

    To add music or sound effects, simply place the audio file below the video fragment where it should play. Then, adjust the sound in the "Volume" tab to make sure it's on the same level as the video and other audio parts. You can also apply fade-in and fade-out effects to make it begin and end gradually.

    Add music to make YouTube video on phone

    If some captions are needed in the video, add them by tapping any preset in the "Text" tab. Then, select "Edit" at the bottom to write and edit the text according to your taste.

    Add text to make YouTube video on phone
  3. Save the video

    After editing, tap "Export" and choose your preferred export option. Watch the preview to see if the result looks good. To add changes, tap "Edit", otherwise, tap "Download" to save it to your device or cloud storage.

    Save YouTube video made on phone

All-in-one video editor has a detailed Help Center where you can find the latest instructions for every feature currently available.