Guides on video, photo and audio editing

What is Aperture and How Does it Work
If you decide to buy a digital camera, you will face lots of technical terms — aperture is one of the most important ones.
Native Resolution vs Supported Resolution
You can watch the same video on a mobile, on a tablet, and on a laptop — and it will have the same quality. Or it will not?
J-Cut vs L-Cut: Differencies
Split editing is a transitioning technique where the audio track is ahead of or behind the corresponding video.
How to Upload Song to YouTube
If you need to upload an audio file to YouTube and you're wondering how to do it, the short answer is: make it into a video.
Rain Photography Tips
Rainy wether is a perfect opportunity to take some great shots — but you should consider some points first!
What is Video Dubbing
If you watch a Japanese anime, French documentary, or lecture from a German professor — it's probably dubbed into your language.
What is YouTube Banner Size and How to Resize for It
A good YouTube channel banner is a great chance to tell people who visit your page more about you.
How to Fade Out Music Online
Audio fades can be a very powerful instrument, but not everyone knows how to add them to a file. We’ll show you how to quickly do it.
What is RAW in Photography
If you like photography, at some point you will come across debates on whether you need to save the photos as JPEG or RAW files.
What is a Footcandle in Video Lighting
The term “footcandle” is usually used in the USA. But you still can see it in any manuals and camera instructions, so let’s unveil what it means.
Tumblr Header Size and Other Specs
Read our article, get to know Tumblr specifications and learn how to meet them.
How to Create Video Fade Effect
Fading is one of the most popular effects in video editing. Any clip becomes a little more professional if you use these techniques.
What is an L-Cut in Video Production
The L-Cut technique is ideal for editing dialogues showing the character's reaction while the other one is still speaking.
What is White Balance and How to Set it Perfectly
White balance is one of the most complicated terms. But no worries – we'll explain all the nuances in simple words.
How to Make Reels on Instagram
Learn how to record a video for reels or post any of your existing videos there meeting all the insta requirements.
What is Video Scrubbing
Video scrubbing is a very interesting term, nobody knows what it is but actually we all do it while editing our videos — read on to find out!
How to Make a Video Mashup Online
A mashup means merging several pre-existing clips into one video.
What is Native Resolution in Video
Sometimes we get confused about all those specific terms — native resolution, aspect ratio… Is there a difference?
What is a Freeze Frame in Video
There are simple tricks that can help us draw a viewer's attention, one of them is freeze frame.
IGTV Video Dimensions
IGTV, or Instagram TV, is a YouTube-like platform where people can post long-form videos.
How to Reduce Video File Size on iPhone
Learn how to compress the video and send it via different messengers or post them on social networks directly from our app!
What is Parallel Editing: Definition and Examples
Remember those moments when you are watching a movie with your heart almost racing? There are special editing techniques that intensify these feelings within us.
Online iMovie Alternative for Windows
Read our short manual to get to know how to edit, enhance and alter videos without iMovie and other apps.
How to Share a video for YouTube on Snapchat
Videos are engaging many followers and attention. These days you can find them in almost any social media, including Snapchat.