How to set up a vlogger kit

The simplest vlogging kit is just a smartphone. You don’t need anything else to record short videos. But if you want to stand out from competitors and get more followers, you’ll need some additional equipment.

If you don’t have time to choose all the elements yourself and check their compatibility, you can buy one of the already set up universal kits. But there are other options, of course.

First and foremost, don’t invest in costly goods if you can’t afford them. It may pay out someday – but may also not. So, define your budget and make sure that your vlogger kit doesn’t cost you a fortune.

Then, think carefully about where you are going to shoot your content. If you have a home studio, you can install rather clumsy equipment, but if you specialize in travel blogging, for example, you’ll need something more lightweight.

Last but not least, your kit should depend on the type of your vlog. If you shoot wildlife, you may need telescopic cameras. For different tips and lifehacks, a good mic is more important. For entertaining videos, you may need editing software.

In other words, an average vlogger kit should contain the following:


Every camera will come in handy: GoPro, Mirrorless cam, DSLR, etc. Make sure your equipment has image stabilization sensors. If it’s not, buy an additional tripod or gimbal. So the best vlogging camera is the one you like.

Vlogging kit camera


You can always mount your cam on a flat surface, but that will limit you and make you less mobile. So find a good telescopic tripod, grip, or any other compact stabilizer to minimize shaking. You may also use it for holding an external microphone.

Vlogging kit stabilizer


The best lighting is the natural one. But if you use any artificial sources, read a little bit about the difference between Lux and Lumen, Footcandles, and how to apply them. You can also buy some lamps and reflectors to set up a home studio.


Vlog music may be scored later, but you need a good external microphone with noise reduction and other effects to record your voice. There are different types of such equipment: shotgun mics, wireless lavaliers, studio mics, etc.

Vlogging kit microphone


YouTube users are spoiled by high-quality vlog creations with professional subtitles, ingenious special effects, and catchy plots. If you want to keep in step with other vloggers, you’d better use every free or licensed software you can find. For example, online Clideo’s editing tools are compatible with all devices, and you don’t have to pay as long as your files don’t exceed 500 MB each.