How to start vlogging

Vlogs also create a sense of company, a direct "conversation" with the blogger. Are you interested in making your own vlogs and want to know how to become a proper vlogger? It may seem simple, but in reality, building your channel takes a lot of effort and involvement.

So let us help you out with a few vlogging tips!

Theme and potential viewers

Before starting a vlog, decide what you will be vlogging about – your niche – and who will be your target audience based on it.

There are things to vlog about in nearly every area of life, so you can choose anything as the main topic of your channel. Of course, it’s tempting to pick the most popular categories, like tech or movie reviews. But, if you don’t understand much about these topics, you are unlikely to achieve popularity.

Vlog channel creation to start a vlog for beginners

Think about what you like and what you consider yourself well-versed in. The easiest option is to dedicate a channel to your hobby. After that, try to figure out exactly how you can present this information in the most attractive form for the audience.

Speaking of audience, it is worth creating your content with an eye on specific groups of people interested in the niche you chose. While shooting, think not only about what you do, but also how it looks on the receiving end. At some points, imagine that you’re communicating with your viewers directly, and don’t be afraid to invite them to leave feedback or ask them questions.

Talking on camera

It stems from the previous point. You might have to adjust the way you speak to be in line with the topic of your vlogs and to make sure your viewers understand what you’re saying. For example, you are knowledgeable about technology and use specialized terms on a daily basis, but if you do it while shooting a cooking vlog, it may sound confusing to some viewers.

Aside from that, consider writing a script before shooting. You don’t have to write everything word for word, it’s enough to outline three important points: what to talk about in the beginning, in the main part, and at the end. Of course, it’s ok to improvise as well, sometimes you will get funny and interesting takes out of it, but in general, it’s useful to have a plan before making a video.

Vlog content to start a vlog for beginners

However, if you’re feeling nervous in front of the camera and can’t talk properly because of it, you may write down a strict script to follow. But don’t overdo it: if you just read the text, it will be difficult to create the right atmosphere and your nervousness will be noticeable. You may also practice multiple times to relax and then start shooting.

Where to post your videos

What is the best vlogging platform? You already know the answer – it’s YouTube. You can post videos on other websites, like Facebook or Instagram, but YouTube is simply better since it’s specifically made for sharing videos and has all the settings to help you with it, for example, the ability to upload long videos.

So, before setting up your channel, see what features YouTube provides and how to work with them. What is trending, which thumbnails catch the eye, how do other vloggers use keywords and hashtags? You may think it’s not important right now, but in the long run, you’ll have a better understanding of how to make your channel more popular.

Also, don’t forget to develop a personal design for your vlog. A striking banner, a memorable avatar, an interesting intro to videos – opening credits with the name of the channel, its logo, and music – make the audience remember you! There may be many competitors in the chosen niche, so you should think about how your channel can stand out in your favor among the others.

Vlogging platforms to start a vlog for beginners

Vlogging kit for beginners

At first, you can make videos just using your smartphone – modern models allow shooting in high resolution, plus, many users watch videos on their phones too. However, if during editing you notice that the quality is not good enough, consider getting a shooting setup (camera, microphone, and other equipment depending on what technical problems you might have).

Another important thing is video editing. If you’ve never done it before, don’t rush to download complicated software and spend hours trying to understand how they work. Initially, you can use simple editing tools to cut parts of the video, add sound or subtitles, or fix lighting issues. After you get a knack of it, working with more complex software would be much easier.

Vlogging kit to start a vlog for beginners

But, of course, there are no set rules to follow, since prior to uploading the video to the Internet you can do everything to your liking!