Vlog vs. blog: which one is better?

If you haven’t been interested in blogging or vlogging before, these two terms may seem almost identical to you, but it’s not really like that. To define what exactly is a difference between the two, let’s see what a blog and a vlog are, briefly and in simple words, without going into technical details and features.

What’s a blog: text posting

In essence, a blog is a website, where the author adds various posts, mostly consisting of text, but there can also be pictures or videos. Users who have such blogs are called bloggers.

In most cases, blogs have an option for other users to leave reviews or comments on a particular entry, thus, making them a platform for communication on a specific topic, set in a blog post. So, what’s a vlog then?

Blog example

Vlog: blogging in motion

A vlog is one of the varieties of a blog in which information is presented not through text but as a video. If you have wondered about the meaning of the word "vlogger", there you have it – it’s a blogger who makes videos for their vlog.

The most popular platform for making such videos is YouTube. It was there that thousands of vloggers gathered, from whom you can learn about everything in the world. But the most important thing is that absolutely anyone who has access to the Internet can become the author of such a channel.

Vlog example

What’s different between the two

As you can gather from the definitions, the main distinction between a blog and a vlog is that the former is mainly provided in a text form, while the latter can only be presented in a video format.

Point can be made that vlogs are most often entertaining and reflect the life of the authors through videos, while a blog is something like a journal where the author publishes posts for people. While it is true in most cases, of course, you can make vlogs on serious topics and run a blog with posts aimed at entertaining readers.

Blogging vs. vlogging: which is superior?

Based on comparisons, it may seem that running a video blog sounds more promising. But a lot depends on your content and skills, as well as on the topic.

A blog is worth considering because it is made in a text form, which is easier to perceive than video for many people. Also, some of the users may have a weak Internet, so the blog will load faster for them. Plus, a nice bonus for the author – since a blog consists of text, search engines will index it better than videos.

The vlog format doesn’t mean just recording everything around – the author of the video should be in the center of the video majority of time. Not every user is ready to appear in front of millions of viewers and improvise, so you need to decide in advance what you want to tell the audience. In addition, you will need to have recording equipment and some understanding in editing videos for a better quality of your vlog.

Blogging vs vlogging tools

In the end, it’s up to you to choose which format is more convenient for you. But why choose? You can do both!