Guides on video, photo and audio editing

How to Save Part of Twitch Clip as MP4
Twitch platform has become a hospitable house for millions of streamers and their fans. All the videos are shared online and there's something for everyone.
Extract Audio from MP4 Online
Learn how to extract soundtrack from an MP4, MOV, AVI file, or any other video just in several clicks!
App to Compress Videos on iPhone
Meet Clideo’s new app to compress any video with one click or by adjusting custom settings for free.
The Best Twitch Banner Size and How to Fit It
Looking for a way to create your very own Twitch profile banner at the right size? You've come to the right place! Read on to find out how...
How to Share a GIF on Facebook
Surprise your friends and followers with customized unique GIFs on Facebook and other social media!
How to Make a Video with Pictures and Music
Do you have a bunch of images you’d like to bring to life in the form of a video? It’s easier to do than you think...
How to Add Cinematic Black Bars to a Video
Sometimes the videos we share with friends or post online can be a little dull and all they need is a little restyle to get them looking their best.
Add Image to Video Online
Make a slideshow out of moving and still images, and music in several clicks!
How to Zoom in a Video Online
Even the most ordinary frame may become a masterpiece if properly zoomed and cropped. You are just two clicks away from creating pieces of art!
How to Make Video from Images
Christmas is knocking at your door! Want to make a video with all your winter wishes? Or immortalize your holiday memories in a clip? We are here to help you!
How to Add a Voice-Over to a Video
Are you looking for a free and comfy tool for recording audio over a video? Say no more, we are at your service!
How to Make a Video from Video Clips
Have a phone full of short clips that you want to merge into a longer movie? There’s a quick and easy way...
Photo Video Maker for Any Device
To create a video, you don’t necessarily need to shoot it. You can just combine several pictures into one clip and add audio. Good news – we have the right tool for it!
How to Use a Timelapse Maker
Looking to create your very own timelapse video but not sure where to start? Don’t worry, this can be done in a jiffy without needing to download any external software or apps.
Remove Black Bars from a Video Online
Black bars appear if you're trying to upload a video of the wrong aspect ratio on YouTube or other social media. Our tool will help you resize your video correctly.
How to Make a Picture Slideshow with Music on Mac
Are you looking for a free and online tool to make a slideshow of videos, pictures and GIFs? Here you go!
Create Stop Motion on Android
Stop motion technique has never been so easy as today, with a special free tool by Clideo!
How to Make a Meme from a Photo
If you want to create a meme using your own photo or video, you've come to the right place!
How to Merge MP4 Files on Windows 10
Do you have a bunch of short MP4 video files stored on your Windows computer that you wish was just one long clip? Here we’ll explain how to do so completely online.
Video Square App for iPhone
Square videos allow keeping the necessary things in the frame, but the majority of cams can only shoot Portrait and Landscape. Luckily, you have our free app to fix that!
How to Combine Videos on Windows 10
Numerous mobile apps help users to combine video and audio files. But what if you need to merge several files on your PC and don’t want to download anything? We have an online solution for you!
Edit Video Brightness on iPhone
If you need to brighten up a video that’s been recorded on your iPhone without downloading expensive software, we’ve got just the solution. Read on to find out more...
How to Trim Video on Samsung S9 or Another Device
Need to cut your video on a Samsung phone or any other device? Here you'll learn how to do it online!
How to Convert GIF to Video for Instagram
To share a GIF on a social network, you'll most likely need to convert it to a simple video. But how to do that and keep the "GIF effect”? We have a solution!