Guides on video, photo and audio editing

How to Make Expectation vs Reality Meme Video
Everyone is sometimes faced with a situation where something doesn’t go as expected. Why not make a funny video out of this?
What is NFT Video Art
NFT images are made by all and sundry: artists, music performers, and even schoolchildren. But what about NFT videos?
What is Screen Recording
Screen recording has made life easier for thousands of users. Still, not everybody knows how and when to use this feature. Let’s come clear.
How to Cut Out Multiple Parts of Video
Some shots can spoil an interesting video, but fortunately, one can simply cut out an unnecessary fragment. Learn an easy way to do that with a few clicks!
How to Put Multiple Videos On One Screen
Having several videos side by side may seem like an advanced technique that requires professional editing tools. Not anymore with the help of our video editing tool!
What is Room Tone in Film and Why Use It
Sound can do a lot: tell a story, warn about danger, cheer up or frighten. But the main thing it does is that it immerses a person in the world of the creation where it’s used.
Is Mobile Filmmaking an Alternative to Traditional One
Since the late 2000s, the time of smartphones rising, almost everyone has a pocket device that can take pictures, record audio, and even film movies.
How to Create Make-Up Videos
Did you create an interesting makeup for a themed party or a look based on some movie characters? Share the video of how you did it!
Video Trends That Change Your Feed Now
If you’re making your own content, it is necessary to know the latest trends in social media, whether you use the internet for entertainment or just like to stay up to date.
How to Make Workout Videos for Instagram
Do you know how to motivate others to stay fit? Then learn how to create an Instagram workout with the help of a simple online video editing tool.
What is Film Slate and Why It is Used
Filming is strongly associated with a film slate, or clapperboard, as it is often called. Let's find out more about this piece of filming equipment.
How to Make Comic Dub Video
Comic books are so much fun being voiced. Especially for those who have visual impairments or are not comfortable with deciphering small letters.
How to Make Fashion Video
Fashion blogs have become a runaway hit, as it’s the easiest way to keep up with trends. Do you want to start one and become an influencer?
How to Make Dance Video Online
Twirling to an upbeat track or an intricate dance to classical music — create your dance video and share it with the world.
Best Phones for Recording Video in 2022
Smartphone video cameras have always been one of the most important and requested features. And these days, we can already choose from multiple phones for recording video.
How to Replace Sound in Video Online
Do you have a recording where some viral video sound would fit perfectly? See how to quickly replace the audio in your video with the sound from the other one!
How to Make Day in the Life Video
A video diary is a new evolving type of vlog. Even if you think that you have the most ordinary and boring life, you are wrong.
How to Make Motivational Videos
We all need inspiration from time to time, and the right videos can lift your spirits right away. Learn how to make your own inspirational video in a few clicks.
What are Product Demo Videos
It is not enough to say these days that your product is just great. You really need to pull your socks up, and product demo videos can be a solution!
What is Branded Content
Everyone has long been accustomed to advertisements on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media pages. But advertisers are always trying to find new ways to reach their audience.
How to Make Cooking Videos
If you have any great recipes why not share them with the world and make cooking videos? And our online video editing tool to help you with that tasty mission.
How to Make Selfie Video with Music
A selfie video format is now very popular – this is any video that one records while talking about, showing, or presenting oneself or their hobby.
What is BookTube
Has YouTube canceled books? Or has it given them a "second" life? Learn about BookTube — a cozy place for everything bookish.
How to Create Funny Pet Videos Online
Many bloggers post content with pets, and some even dedicate their channels entirely to their pets. Want to do something similar too? Start with making your own pet video!