Guides on video, photo and audio editing

How to Create Video Content Right in Your Browser
To create your own videos, it’s not at all necessary to bother with complex editors. Find out how to do it quickly and in one browser tab!
What is an Influencer and How Easy It is to Become One
Influencers and their activities are an interesting phenomenon that is evolving rapidly these days. What do they do and is it a career for everyone?
What is a Content Creator and Can You Become One
As the Internet continues to grow, many new professions appear, and one of the most demanding now is content creator.
How to Make TikTok Outfit Change
Outfit change looks like real magic or at least something that demands skills and experience. In fact, it’s much easier than it seems, you should only get to know several tips.
How to Reduce Video File Size in MP4 Compressor
Has it ever happened to you that your video file was too big to be sent via email or messenger or just took too much memory? Check out the MP4 compressor to help you solve the issue.
Best Book-to-Movie Adaptations
Lots of films are based on books, but what is better? Should we read the original or enjoy its visual incarnation? Sometimes both.
How to Post Your YouTube Video on Instagram
Having the same videos on different platforms is a norm now, but they may require some tweaking before posting. Check out how to do it fast!
How to Repurpose Content for Social Media
One effective way to use your outdated content is to give it a new purpose. Find out a few simple methods to do it!
How to Edit Videos on Windows Online
Have you ever dreamt of a professional but still free video editing tool that doesn't require downloading or registration? Consider this online video editing tool then.
Videography vs. Cinematography
Cinematography and videography both mean the process of recording video footage and both may use professional or DSLR cameras and other gear. But that’s pretty much all that they have in common.
How to Send Video Through Gmail
Do you want to share a new video with your friends or family but cannot attach a large file to your email? Learn about a quick way to make your video’s size smaller!
What is Videography
A modern art form or a new profession? Learn more about what videography is and how to work with it!
How to Add Picture to TikTok Video
Sometimes you just need to combine different media formats with each other — like overlaying images on the video. Find out how to do it in a few easy steps!
Best Video Production Blogs to Beginners
Gone are the days when people looked for useful information in encyclopedias and hefty books. Nowadays, everything can be found online, in blogs.
How to Add Your Own Sound to TikTok
Even though TikTok provides a wide library of different songs and soundtracks, it still may not be enough. Not a problem! Add your own sound to the chosen video and upload it to the app!
Making a Powerful Video CTA
Want to get more feedback from your viewers? Find out a way how to unobtrusively do it!
How to Turn Video Into Time Lapse
Time-lapse is a fascinating visual effect, but it usually should be applied while recording. Does it mean you can’t turn a video into a timelapse during post-production editing? Certainly, not.
Video Metrics that Do Matter
Videos are an effective marketing and promotional tool. But how do you know its efficiency without measuring key metrics? Here is a list of the most important ones.
How to Make GIFs with Sound
Sometimes the visual part of a GIF is not enough to fully capture the emotion, and in those cases, adding sound can help. Find out how to do it!
Video Lighting Tips for Shooting Better Videos
To create a good-looking video, good lighting is a must – even a budget camera or smartphone shows much better results with it. Find out a few ways to improve lighting for your videos!
How to Tilt Video Online
Tilted or canted frame is a technique applied during shooting, as it requires a certain camera angle. Nevertheless, you can easily turn a "normal" video into a tilted one in a couple of clicks!
Dutch Angle Shot: What is Behind It
There are many cinematographic techniques that evoke specific feelings within the viewers. The Dutch angle shot is one of those that could be powerful and dramatic indeed.
How to Add GIF to Video
GIFs are great for explaining ideas and giving an emotional edge to any situation. Find out how easy and quickly add them to your video!
Stop Motion vs. Time Lapse vs. Hyperlapse
Sometimes the most dynamic videos can be obtained from composing photos. Check out the popular ways to do it!