Guides on video, photo and audio editing

Add Music to Video on iPhone: 3 Ways
Use your iPhone to add music to video in 3 different ways. Choose the right tool that is perfect right now.
How to Make Slideshow on Windows: 2 Ways
Slideshows never come out of fashion. Find out how to create them with the help of different tools and apps.
How to Create GIF from Video: 2 Ways
Vibrant, funny, and quick to load, GIFs are essential to social media. Want to make your own one? Learn how to convert video to GIF!
How to Add Background Music to a Video Clip: 2 Ways
Changing the audio track or adding background music to a video is quite simple and doesn’t take long. Check out 2 ways of doing that right in your browser.
How to Remove Unwanted Parts of Video
Check out two ways to cut your video online in a few quick steps. Trim or split and get rid of a middle part right in your browser.
How to Add a Video to Google Slides
Learn how to add a video in Google Slides and discover an online tool to help you create videos for your presentation.
How to Embed a Video in PowerPoint
Enhance your presentation by embedding a video in PowerPoint. Discover an online tool to help you create videos for your next presentation.
How to Make Fan-Edit Videos
Do you have a favorite actor or singer and want to show the world your love by creating a fan-edited video? Try using our online video editor to quickly create your next fav video.
How to Add Music to Instagram Post
Music makes the difference, right? Discover how to add music to Instagram stories, reels, or posts. No extra apps or software to install.
How to Remove Audio from Video: 3 Ways
There are multiple methods to remove sound from video, and you don't necessarily require specialized software on your device. Your favorite browser is sufficient.
How to Create BookTok Recommendations
BookTok video trends on TikTok are gaining popularity rapidly. Learn how to create BookTok videos online and be a part of this trend.
Asynchronous Video Communication
Discover the benefits of using asynchronous videos in your collaboration efforts to improve productivity and enhance your teamwork.
How to Make a Book Trailer
Are you a writer, or do you have a favorite book worth promoting? Do not hesitate to share it with the world and learn how to make a book trailer online.
What is BookTok: Exploring the Popular TikTok Trend
Book TikTok, also known as BookTok, is an intersection of books and TikTok, a popular trend for young booklovers worth exploring.
What is Bookstagram and How to Start One
Bookstagram is an Instagram segment for a community of book readers and writers.
Podcasting: Getting Started
Audio content is on the rise due to its accessibility to both listeners and creators. Want to try to make such content yourself? Learn about the first steps in creating a podcast.
How to Convert GIF to MP4 Video
GIFs enhance the messages we send, but sometimes they lack something extra. Find out how to easily make GIFs into videos.
What is a Podcast and How Does It Work
Podcasts have become one of the primary sources of information and analytics, and some even listen to them for self-education and entertainment. So what is it?
How to Add Logo to Video Online
Learn how to add a logo to your video without installing anything in just a few steps using Clideo's online video editor.
Live Streaming Guide for Beginners
Live streaming is a powerful marketing tool that can be used both by "big dogs" and aspiring amateur vloggers. It's cheap and efficient, but only if you make smart use of it.
How to Edit a Vlog Video Online
Are you taking the first steps in video editing? Learn about the tool that will help you understand how to quickly and easily edit a video for YouTube!
What is a Voice Over Artist and How to Become One
A voice-over artist is someone whose tool is their voice. Find out what are the other prerequisites for this creative profession.
How to Make Meme GIFs
Is there a GIF that can become the perfect meme if you add some captions? Check out this online tool that helps you make meme GIFS online.
What is Voice Over
One of the essential parts of audio storytelling is what you hear. Find out more about voice over and the way it captivates the audience.